Many thanks to our guest author, animal communicator Kate Solisti! 

The art of listening to an animal and actually receiving something back from them is based on two things: (1) Love and (2) Intuition. I have been a professional interspecies communicator for over twenty years and in that time have helped many people rekindle their natural abilities to open and receive information from non-speaking beings through their intuition. It is my belief that the heart is the seat of our intuition and innate wisdom. In order to access these, we need to get our busy brains out of the way. This is easy to say, but more difficult to do. ( then go to the attached article.)

Basic Steps to The Solisti Method of Animal Communication (Merging)

1.  Align with your consciousness – bring your awareness into your body and notice what you’re aware of. Focus on your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply.

“Consciousness,” as I define it in the Solisti Method, is being present and aware. For example, are you “in” in your body? Can you feel the chair or floor under you? Are you present with your breathing? Focusing on the breath helps you connect to your body and be more centered and grounded in the here and now. Animals feel more secure and safe around someone who is centered, grounded and present.

Consciousness also refers to your state of connection with yourself, your room, your world. Do you walk around constantly thinking about stuff, or are you paying attention to the ground, the air, the light, how you are moving in your space? Animals are vividly aware of their surroundings and how they are interacting in and with these surroundings. This comes from being predator or prey. Their very lives depend on being conscious and connected.

2. Connect with your heart center – feel what it’s like to focus your mind in/on your heart. (I perceive the heart chakra energy in pink/green swirls, starting in the heart in the body, then moving out and resting in my hands)

The heart center or heart Chakra, is the seat of all of our most beautiful qualities; love, compassion, joy, acceptance, patience. The heart has an intelligence all its own, and has been underrated and undervalued for too long. Finally, science is catching up with what the ancient and modern meta-physicians have always known: the heart is where wisdom and intelligence flow from. The mind is simply the home of the intellect.

There are many ways to connect with your heart. If you like to visualize, close your eyes and visualize your heart center as glowing with a pink and/or green light. Next, smile and add the feelings of expansive joy. Think of someone you love and feel how your heart responds. Practice this every day and get to know how your heart informs your nervous system, your thoughts, how you see and respond to the world.

I believe that intuition is the voice of the soul, spoken through the heart, heard by the mind, and acted on by the body. To start to be able to listen intuitively, strengthening your own ability to connect with your heart is foundational to success.

The next steps will describe how you begin to use what you’ve just learned to connect with an animal.

You will need to have an animal near you for Step 3.

3. Extend your awareness outward toward the animal, but do not push your consciousness at them.

Begin by greeting the animal by gently focusing towards them, with your eyes lowered and quiet. The greeting “Namaste” (“The Divinity in me greets the Divinity in you”) is a way to honor the animal and his connection to the Divine, while acknowledging that you too have a connection to the Divine and thus you are One.

Next, to extend your awareness to the animal near you, visualize and/or feel the joyful, loving heart-centered energy flowing from you towards the animal. The concept of “flow” is important. It’s like a gentle breeze carrying a delicious scent (not a gale-force wind blowing them over!)

 4. Wait for the animal to extend their awareness to you – what does waiting feel like? Just observe it and notice what you’re inclined to do, but don’t do it. Remain in the Stillness.


This is the place many students fall out of connection because very few of us know how to “wait.” To wait in this case is to just “BE.” Don’t do anything. Be quiet and breathe, Keep an open mind like a basket ready to receive a small, ripe cherry ready to fall from the tree.

5. Be aware of the interconnection – feel it, be with it. Note what comes into consciousness when the joining occurs. Feel gratitude and appreciation for the connection.

Joining is when you feel the animal “reaching out” to you. You may feel love. You may feel a sense of curiosity, or peace, calm. You may feel surprise, or you may feel hesitation. Whatever you feel, gently beam back love, acceptance, joy, safety. Notice if any of this is felt in any particular part of your body and just observe that.

6. Do not think, but feel and let thoughts be presented to you. (You can think, “I invite you to send me a message or communicate something to me if you wish to…” and then wait.)

Resist the temptation to “interpret” what you receive or feel and start creating a story around an impression. Doing so will take you out of your heart and into the mind. The mind will then start racing around, and likely lead you away from the experience. Stay with the feeling, thought, or sensation; accept it and just observe it without any judgment or need for more information.

7. Notice the form of communication that is taking place: visual, felt sense, insight.  Each animal will communicate differently.

I have found, throughout my twenty-plus years of listening to animals, that once they know we are making an effort to listen to them, they will start sending thoughts and feelings to us on all channels, hoping that we will get the signal from the channel that resonates strongest for us.

Each of us receives differently. Some of us are visual, some auditory, some kinesthetic. Most of us receive information in a variety of ways. But sometimes we have a stronger aptitude for one way.

8. Speak, write, or act on what you receive if appropriate.

This step is very important. Speaking what you’ve received to a trusted friend who will simply listen and witness you (as opposed to belittle or question you) helps your mind accept the experience. Writing down what happened grounds and legitimizes it. It also helps you remember what you experienced. I recommend that you dedicate a special journal to your animal communication exercises and experiences.

Acting on it is the most important “proof” to your soul that YOU ARE LISTENING and will honor future messages it conveys to you. Of course, there isn’t always an action step needed. Perhaps you just felt a wave of love and gratitude, then the animal curled up and went to sleep. In this case, writing down what happened will make it more tangible and real.

 9. Express gratitude.

The more you practice all of the above, the stronger your intuitive “muscle” will become. I see this process like growing a flower in the soil.

  • Weed and prepare the soil (Align with your consciousness)
  • Dig a small hole with your finger, feeling the moisture of the soil and saying a little prayer for it to receive your seed (Connect with your Heart Center)
  • Place the seed in the hole and cover it with soil (Extend your Awareness toward the animal)
  • Water the seed (wait for the animal to reach out to you and…) wait (Feel the interconnection).
  • Every day, go out and water and fertilize your little seed. (Notice what’s happening)
  • Watch it push up through the soil. (Celebrate and tell someone you trust about this miracle. Continue to water and fertilize it as needed (Write about it)
  • Watch it grow and blossom into a beautiful flower. (Express Gratitude for this most natural and beautiful, everyday occurrence in Nature… as natural as talking with animals!

Kate Solisti is an internationally known interspecies communicator. She has been helping people “hear” their animals since 1992. Kate has written four books, Conversations with Dog, Cat and Horse and The Holistic Animal Handbook and co-edited a fifth, Kinship with Animals. Her books have been published in eight languages. Kate and Dr. Jean go way back, having collaborated helping cats, dogs and horses heal, speaking at events together and more. Dr. Jean did the intro to Kate’s successful video, “Save Your Cat! Feed Her The Way Nature Intended.” They are excited to be working together on a book project. More on that later….