Another Vet Gets It Wrong about Constipation

Another vet has blown it when it comes to kitty constipation.

It’s so frustrating to see veterinarians refer to hair and fur as “fiber.” Fur is made out of pure protein (keratin) and not a shred of fiber. Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that comes only from plants. She does recommend adding a pinch of psyllium, which IS a true fiber, but neglects to explain why.

Additionally, this vet recommends non-petroleum hairball remedies–but guess what… they don’t work. Edible oils are digested and absorbed in the small intestine, leaving those hairballs to get potentially stuck further down in the GI tract. Ouch! Petroleum jelly is completely safe and inert in the body and “escorts” kitty hair all the way through the GI tract.

Click here to read my updated, comprehensive article on kitty constipation, including 15 tips and tricks on how to deal with it.

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