AVMA Kills Anti-Homeopathy Resolution

Last year, a big kerfuffle erupted over a proposed resolution for the American Veterinary Medical Association (the profession’s lobbying organization), to adopt a policy stating that “homeopathy has been identified as an ineffective practice and its use is discouraged.”

The proposed policy was written by a chronically anti-holistic fanatic, and “supported” (such as it was) by a few cherry-picked studies that showed only negative or equivocal results from homeopathy while ignoring a large number of well-conducted studies that show a definite effect. This person also claimed that there is no rational basis in science for how homeopathy works. Guess he hasn’t heard of Einstein because quantum physics explains it quite well.

The public and holistic veterinarians were understandably outraged by the crazy proposal, and the AVMA certainly got an earful (and, if you can believe it, whined quite pitifully about it). The motion was tabled for the time being.

This month’s meeting of the House of Delegates saw the return–and last gasp–of the proposition. Resolution 3-2013 failed, with 90.1% voting against it.

So, thank you to all who (politely) made their views known to the AVMA. As a political creature, it is generally not much interested in what the public has to say (it barely cares about what its members think, either!), but you got their attention this time. Good job!

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