by Jean Hofve, DVM

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or “Tapping,” is one of the most amazing healing modalities ever discovered. It’s free to learn, and easy to apply. I recommend it for both people and animals, and both together!

Here’s a 4-minute video on where and how to tap:

You can find lots of information and examples of applying EFT to animals in the EFT category on this site, but today I’d like to talk about how it works in people, and to encourage you to learn and apply it in everyday situations as well as for chronic physical and emotional issues.

If we are emotionally and physically healthier, we will naturally be better parents to our fur-kids, as well as getting more joy out of life ourselves! We know that our animal companions often mirror our stresses and illnesses, so why don’t we head that off at the pass?

We all have certain habits of thought and patterns of behavior that hinder us from being all we can be, and doing all we can do. Tapping for stress, anger (which is perfectly normal when doing animal rescue, but staying angry is not helpful to us our our animal friends!) and other associated emotions will help us stay calm and do more with less stress.

In my experience, many animal lovers, especially those involved in rescue, TNR, etc., have a huge heart for animals, but never enough money! How much more could we help animals if we could only break through our own financially limiting beliefs! There are lots of programs making great claims about instant wealth and happiness, but as they say, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!” But EFT is the one modality that really can cut to the core of any issue, and truly resolve deeply buried conflicts and emotions that are hiding behind the scenes, running the show.

More Free EFT Resources: (Gary Craig’s original EFT site)

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