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The Ideal Diet for CatsEveryone wants to know what the “ideal” diet for cats may be. Cats evolved as carnivores that eat other animals; and that because of this history, cats have more specific …2024/05/16Pet Food and Nutrition2024-05-16 11:59:19
Anti-Declawing Handbook for Cat LoversGood news! We are getting closer every day to stopping declawing! To help cat lovers and animal advocates understand the truth about declawing that so many veterinarians lie about, Dr. Jean …2024/04/29Cat Behavior, Declawing2024-04-29 10:58:07
Holistic Health Consulting – Standard Process ProductsIn my first job out of veterinary school, I quickly learned how to use high-quality, whole-food nutritional supplements to help my patients. The company we used was Standard Process. (Read …2024/03/14Holistic Pet Health, Holistic Pet Mall, Pet Food and Nutrition2024-03-14 15:45:47
Please Don’t Give Pets as GiftsUpdated 12/14/23 Giving is a wonderful thing, and we all have good intentions when shopping for our loved ones. You may have visions of one you love opening a beautiful …2023/11/29Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2023-11-29 11:00:53
Natural Flea Control for Dogs & Cats2023/09/17Holistic Pet Health2023-09-17 17:36:35
What Cats Should EatHow do you know which food is the best to feed your cat? The answer depends on many factors, including your cat’s age and health… as well as the your …2023/05/12Holistic Pet Mall, Pet Food and Nutrition2023-05-12 12:00:01
Privacy PolicyThe following policy applies to Little Big Cat, Inc. at Little Big Cat is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its online visitors. We adhere to privacy …2020/05/17Important Info2020-05-17 10:00:17
Grain-Free Dog (and Cat) Food, Taurine, and Heart DiseaseFINAL UPDATE 12/27/22  The FDA has closed its investigation into this matter, saying there is “insufficient evidence” to establish a causal link between diet and DCM in dogs. They will …2018/08/03Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2018-08-03 11:51:38
How to Use Moxxor Omega-3sMoxxor is a marine-source Omega-3 supplement cold-pressed from New Zealand green-lipped mussels. It’s my favorite form of Omega-3s, in part because the capsules are tiny compared to fish oil and …2018/06/09Holistic Pet Health2018-06-09 04:57:49
Science Proves that Raw Diet Beats KibbleThanks to our good friend Dr. Karen Becker over at for this excellent article! Story at-a-glance Big Pet Food wants you to believe your dog is no longer a …2018/05/26Other Stuff2018-05-26 06:02:52
A Declawed Cat’s StoryMany, many thanks to our friend Barry for this saga. Unlike most pet parents and veterinarians, he was astute enough to truly see and understand what declawing has done to …2018/05/23Declawing2018-05-23 21:43:48
“New” Declaw Technique Shot Down by FactsIn January 2018, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association published a letter from Dr. Kerry Yoon of Hawaii, who claims to have invented a “new, painless” declaw procedure. …2018/03/16Cat Behavior, Declawing2018-03-16 10:02:41
Sleeping with PetsMany thanks to Kellen Smith at for allowing us to reprint this excellent article, which is one of many helpful insights. Many of us allow our pets to sleep …2018/01/31Cat Behavior, Dogs2018-01-31 12:09:46
How to Travel with Your Cat (The Ultimate Guide)UPDATED 7/05/10 Many people travel with their cat, as can be seen by the YouTube videos that depict people taking their cats on hikes, boat trips or bike rides. While …2017/12/26Cat Behavior2017-12-26 20:00:14
Top 10 Cat Medical Conditions – And How to Prevent Them!Veterinary Practice News publishes an annual “Top Medical Conditions in Cats,” based on insurance claims made to pet health insurance companies. For 2017, the list includes:  1. Bladder or urinary …2017/11/28Holistic Pet Health, Other Stuff2017-11-28 02:15:23
Cats, According to Two Holistic VeterinariansRecently Dr. Jean did an interview with her pal, Dr. Judy Morgan, on Dr. Judy’s radio program. They covered all sorts of cat topics, from nutrition to declawing. Listen here: …2017/11/03Holistic Pet Health2017-11-03 10:39:19
Cat Feeding MythsI admit, it really irks me when companies who know nothing about feline nutrition give bad advice to their customers. This is the case with Assisi Animal Health, which manufactures a …2017/08/31Pet Food and Nutrition2017-08-31 10:50:25
Vaccination UpdateRecently I did an interview with Jenny of on vaccines. We talked about the how, when and why, kittens, Ragdolls, titers, and whether and which vaccines are needed or …2017/07/12Holistic Pet Health2017-07-12 20:14:58
Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?Great thanks to Lisa L. Richman for allowing us to reprint her newly updated analysis of pet insurance! Back in 2012, I read an op/ed piece in Wall Street’s MarketWatch written by contributing …2017/06/06Important Info2017-06-06 08:46:59
The Most Important Supplement for Your CatThe most important supplement I recommend for cats is Omega-3 fatty acids. They have deep and profound effects on every cell, organ, and tissue in your cat’s body. Omega-3s are …2017/04/17Holistic Pet Health2017-04-17 11:53:33
Is Declawing Justified for Human Health Reasons?Pro-declawing veterinarians are running out of excuses to keep on performing this damaging, unnecessary, multi-amputation surgery on cats. One of the last bastions is a seeming concern about human health. People who …2017/04/07Declawing, Human Health2017-04-07 14:49:35
Dr. Becker’s Homemade Flea & Tick Repellent SprayMy good pal Dr. Karen Becker has homemade recipes for flea, tick, and mosquito repelling spray… you can mist them directly on the fur, or spritz it on your hands …2017/04/07Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2017-04-07 10:57:31
Lilies that Kill!Lilies are beautiful, and lovely to see in the spring. They’re especially common now, as Easter approaches. BUT… Lilies are extremely dangerous for cats. If your cat goes outside and brushes …2017/04/06Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2017-04-06 15:15:19
MOXXOR Omega-3sWith all the media attention, and 80 zillion products on store shelves, you’ve probably gotten the message about Omega-3 fatty acids. But did you know that they’re just as important …2017/03/15Holistic Pet Mall2017-03-15 10:18:49
Indoor Air PollutionThis might surprise you: it’s very likely that the indoor air in your home is more polluted than the air outside! There are many factors, most of which are totally within …2017/02/21Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2017-02-21 13:53:31
Declawing and the LawThe barbaric procedure of cat declawing is under serious fire, as well it should be! After being banned in eight California cities by the end of 2009, there have been …2017/01/25Declawing2017-01-25 18:59:42
Why Fish is Dangerous for CatsBy Jean Hofve, DVM; Updated 10/28/23 A lot of cats have learned to love fish, but it’s not a natural feline food; and it’s really not a good idea to feed it …2016/12/13Pet Food and Nutrition2016-12-13 08:05:09
Pets and Tobacco, Vape, and Marijuana SmokeBy Guest Author Chloe Bloom and Jean Hofve, DVM (Revised 6/3/20) For many years now, we have known how dangerous tobacco smoking is to health. The list of ways it …2016/10/20Dogs2016-10-20 23:27:22
Rare Cats, Common Cats, and DeclawingThere are some 38 feline species in the world, including the domestic cat. Many are rare, and some are so incredibly elusive they’re almost never seen and little is known about them. …2016/09/29Declawing2016-09-29 14:05:35
Pet Food: Processed to Death?Many thanks to Susan Thixton at for letting us reprint her excellent article here, which applies 100% to cat food as well as dog food. The multiple rounds of …2016/09/19Pet Food and Nutrition2016-09-19 08:50:41
Pets Age Faster Than PeopleHere’s a handy chart to compare pets’ vs. people’s ages:2016/08/25Fun Stuff2016-08-25 12:00:50
Cat Vision & Eyesight: Common Myths DebunkedWith many thanks to our special guest author, Amber Kingsley! Cats have been our companions for many thousands of years, dating back to the days of ancient Egypt where they were …2016/08/23Holistic Pet Health2016-08-23 13:06:56
Paleo DogPaleo Dog: Give Your Best Friend a Long Life, Healthy Weight, and Freedom from Illness by Nurturing His Inner Wolf is the latest book by award-winning authors Jean Hofve, DVM …2016/07/02Dogs, Holistic Pet Mall2016-07-02 20:15:37
Coconut Oil and PetsUpdated 5/17/20. Questions about coconut oil keep coming up, so I thought I’d explain in why I recommend not giving it to their cats and dogs. Humans have lived with coconut …2016/06/29Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2016-06-29 09:05:40
Clean Teeth for Good HealthThis is such an important subject! We’re proud to feature this guest post from our friend Lana Fraley Rich, Catsultant®, at  Here is an important question for you: Do you know if …2016/05/21Holistic Pet Health2016-05-21 10:47:17
EpigeneticsJean Hofve, DVM; Revised 3/7/21 Epigenetics is the study of changes in the way genes are expressed that do not involve DNA. It turns out that DNA isn’t in charge the …2016/05/19Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2016-05-19 10:00:52
Toilet Training for CatsOur good friend Jo Singer recently spotted an old idea being given a disturbing new life: toilet training a cat. And sorry, no… this is not a “how to” article, it’s about “why …2016/04/14Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2016-04-14 11:46:25
Pet Food ContaminantsUpdated 3/23/18  As part of my duties as an AAFCO advisor and member of several Working Groups, I attend numerous webinars and teleconferences. In one group, the discussion centered around …2016/03/24Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2016-03-24 11:16:14
Homeopathic First Aid: The Ten Best Remedies to Keep at HomeWhat is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed more than 200 years ago by German chemist Samuel Hahnemann. It is a form of “holistic” medicine, in that it takes …2016/03/04Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2016-03-04 16:01:08
FDA Finds Toxic Sludge Going Into Animal FoodMany thanks to our good friend Mollie Morrissette for her excellent reporting on this issue. This is one more reason for why it is so important to have consumer representatives at …2016/02/25Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2016-02-25 14:39:55
EuthanasiaSo close to the holidays, this might seem an odd subject to bring up, but there’s a very good reason for it. When I was in practice, I noticed that …2015/12/17Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2015-12-17 01:28:40
CatsWalk December 2015In this issue: Cats Aren’t Loners For millennia, cats have been considered “loners” and “aloof.” But it’s absolutely not true. Recent research shows that cats can be just as affectionate …2015/12/01CatsWalk Newsletter2015-12-01 08:43:39
Cats Aren’t LonersFor millennia, cats have been considered “loners” and “aloof.” But it’s absolutely not true. Recent research shows that cats can be just as affectionate and social as dogs; they just …2015/12/01Cat Behavior2015-12-01 08:00:49
Holiday Safety for Cats and DogsThe holidays can be a stressful and even dangerous time for our cats. Normal routines are upset, visitors come and go, and overly tempting smells may be coming from the …2015/11/30Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2015-11-30 20:05:49
YuccaUpdated 6/6/20 There have been a few myths about the desert plant Yucca schidigera floating around the internet. In particular, some are suggesting that yucca is not safe as a …2015/11/29Pet Food and Nutrition2015-11-29 14:36:05
Inflammatory Bowel Disease in CatsRevised 6/6/20 It seems that more and more cats are being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Because this condition is commonly misunderstood, and obtaining an exact diagnosis is difficult, …2015/11/15Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2015-11-15 13:26:45
When You SHOULD Induce VomitingWe recently discussed when NOT to induce vomiting after your pet has eaten certain harmful items. Today we’ll look at common situations where you should induce vomiting (how-to instructions below). …2015/11/05Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2015-11-05 20:20:53
Rabies Vaccine Reality CheckThanks to my good friend Dr. Karen Becker at for this incredibly important article! By Dr. Becker I have some encouraging news to share about rabies vaccines, or more …2015/10/29Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2015-10-29 12:00:05
Halloween Safety for PetsHalloween is already upon us, so it’s time to remind folks how to keep all pets (most especially black cats!) safe at this time of year. Many thanks to Kimberly …2015/10/29Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2015-10-29 09:56:52
When NOT to Induce VomitingCats and dogs can get into a lot of trouble! If they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t, the common advice is to induce vomiting by giving them syrup of ipecac or …2015/10/15Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2015-10-15 07:47:05
The Difference in Cost of Veterinary CareToday I’m posting an article written a few days ago by a colleague, Dr. Carolyn Karrh, who was sad and frustrated after a dog died after being spayed. The dog was …2015/10/04Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2015-10-04 21:08:35
Restful SleepRestful sleep is a topic that most of us don’t give enough attention to… unless it’s to fret about not getting enough of it! And hardly anyone thinks about sleep …2015/10/03Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2015-10-03 10:10:04
Cat Scratchers – What Do Cats Like?Updated 6/3/20. Having the right cat scratching “implements” is critical in preventing claw damage to carpets and furniture. Now, scientific research provides insight into where and why cats scratch. Scratching …2015/09/25Cat Behavior, Declawing2015-09-25 10:41:38
Cat SensesScience has discovered what many cat-lovers have known for years… most cats depend more on their vision than on their sense of smell! I could have told you that when …2015/09/20Fun Stuff, Holistic Pet Health2015-09-20 05:56:24
Preventive Care PerspectivesWhat do you think of when you consider “preventive care” for pets? It turns out that the answer depends on whether or not you’re a veterinarian. If you are a …2015/09/18Holistic Pet Health2015-09-18 06:05:41
The Woman-Cat BondYou may have heard of the “human-animal bond,” but my colleague and friend Dr. Jane Bicks (who makes Life’s Abundance pet food) just posted a great summary of research on …2015/08/26Cat Behavior, Fun Stuff, Human Health2015-08-26 07:17:58
The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated HandbookTo order the book as an instantly downloadable electronic (PDF) file, just click on the “Add to Cart” button below. To order it in paperback from, The Complete Guide …2015/07/15Holistic Pet Mall2015-07-15 06:00:11
Are Cats Really Domesticated?There is an ongoing debate in the science community about cats. That is, are they fully domestic, or are they still essentially wild? The premise is that unlike dogs, who …2015/07/12Cat Behavior2015-07-12 17:46:28
Catnip Fiends?Here’s a gaggle of giggles to brighten up your day… some cats who’ve had a little too much of “the ‘nip”! Behavior, Fun Stuff2015-07-08 15:08:04
E-Cigarettes: Dangerous for Pets The ASPCA Poison Control Center says that electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) often contain high concentrations of nicotine, which is a dangerous poison for dogs and cats. Nicotine exposures are increasing, …2015/06/25Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2015-06-25 07:40:38
More Research on DeclawingOur good friend Jo Singer interviewed Dr. Kristen Doub, a veterinarian practicing in Utah and the director of The Paw Project’s Utah branch. Dr. Doub has been researching declawed cats by …2015/06/19Declawing2015-06-19 06:35:02
Is Toxoplasma Making You Crazy?The amoebic parasite Toxoplasma does NOT cause mental and behavioral abnormalities in humans. Multiple studies have debunked this persistent myth.  (Sugden K, Moffitt TE, Pinto L, Poulton R, Williams BS, & Caspi …2015/06/17Holistic Pet Health, Human Health2015-06-17 22:29:25
Pet Food Labels Don’t Match Ingredients (Part II)by Jean Hofve, DVM For Part I, click here. Are pet food makers lying to you? Multiple studies reveal that manufacturers aren’t careful about handling their ingredients, and in some …2015/06/15Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2015-06-15 22:06:01
Pet Food Labels Don’t Match Ingredients (Part I)By Jean Hofve, DVM For Part II, click here. Warning! What you think you’re getting when you buy pet food probably isn’t what’s actually in the package! Pet food labels …2015/06/12Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2015-06-12 13:36:35
Feline HyperthyroidismBy Jean Hofve, DVM A serious disease called “feline hyperthyroidism” has risen to epidemic proportions since the first cases were diagnosed in 1979. It is a worldwide phenomenon, though worse …2015/04/04Holistic Pet Health2015-04-04 14:37:59
Animal CommunicationMany thanks to our guest author, animal communicator Kate Solisti!  The art of listening to an animal and actually receiving something back from them is based on two things: (1) …2015/04/02Cat Behavior, Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2015-04-02 16:16:56
CatsWalk Newsletter – Summer 2014In this issue: 1. News Bites Donate litter to cat shelters! Coconut oil is not for cats Fire safety for cats Studies show that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) works More on the …2014/07/22CatsWalk Newsletter2014-07-22 10:31:15
Animal PainThat idea that animals suffer pain that needs to be treated is, believe it or not, still not completely accepted by veterinarians. In fact, not so long ago, veterinarians deliberately withheld …2014/07/20Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2014-07-20 14:07:03
Paw Project MovieIf you haven’t seen this amazing movie (featuring our own Dr. Jean!)… It’s available on YouTube for just $1.99, as well as on Netflix if you’re a member! …Stream it …2014/06/07Declawing2014-06-07 10:17:38
Catswalk Newsletter – Spring 2014In this issue: 1. News Bites GMO dangers Seeking humans who are allergic to cats Pet Cancer Awareness Month Feline fitness More on jerky treats Is Purina the best cat food? 2. …2014/05/27CatsWalk Newsletter2014-05-27 10:17:24
Flea and Tick Product DangersA big thank you to my dear friend Dr. Michael Fox ( for allowing me to reprint this urgent bulletin! BAYER’S NEW CAT, DOG, HOME & YARD INSECTICIDALS:  WHAT IT …2014/03/18Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2014-03-18 10:13:12
Selecting a Good Commercial Pet FoodUpdated March 2024 Holistic veterinarians agree that the very best diet for your animal companion is one that you make yourself. A homemade diet, carefully balanced nutritionally, and using raw …2014/02/18Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2014-02-18 13:27:02
CatsWalk Newsletter – February 2014Sign up to have this newsletter delivered right to your email inbox! → In this issue: 1. News Bites February is Pet Dental Health Month! How People Choose Cat Food Recent Cat …2014/02/07CatsWalk Newsletter2014-02-07 11:02:05
Grape and Raisin ToxicityUpdated July 2021 Beginning in the 1990s, veterinarians began seeing dogs who developed acute kidney failure after eating grapes, raisins, or currants. The cause has been a total mystery for …2014/02/01Dogs2014-02-01 09:38:00
Carrageenan: a Controversial Pet Food AdditiveJean Hofve, DVM; Revised 5/10/22 Carrageenan is a seaweed derivative that is commonly used as a food additive in a wide variety of products. There has been a lot of controversy …2014/01/30Pet Food and Nutrition2014-01-30 10:39:07
CatsWalk Newsletter – November 2014NOTE: This was reposted in January 2014 because the original was accidentally deleted in a fit of organizational zeal! – Editor In this issue: 1. News Bites Vacation Destinations for …2014/01/25CatsWalk Newsletter2014-01-25 15:24:46
Choosing an Omega-3 Oil for Your PetYou may already know how important Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation is for dogs and cats. I consider it to be the #1 most important supplement you can give your pet. …2014/01/24Pet Food and Nutrition2014-01-24 14:06:48
10 Reasons Why Dry Food Is Bad for Cats & DogsUpdated 12/29/22 As a holistic veterinarian and animal advocate with more than 25 years of experience and thousands of hours of research under my belt, I’ve concluded that dry food …2013/12/20Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2013-12-20 10:12:03
Inflammation and HealthUpdated 6/30/19 Many feline diseases are caused by chronic inflammation. This is particularly true of the degenerative diseases of aging, such as arthritis, kidney disease, and even cancer. Such inflammation not …2013/12/06Holistic Pet Health2013-12-06 11:51:12
Food Allergies in CatsCats often develop “food intolerances” or “food allergies” to ingredients found in commercial cat food. Currently, the most common allergies in cats are: chicken, dairy, fish, beef, lamb, and eggs. …2013/11/19Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2013-11-19 15:16:18
Homemade vs. Commercial Food for Cats and Dogs!By Jean Hofve, DVM Preparing a home-made diet for one’s pets is a bit of a challenge. However, it is no more difficult than feeding one’s children a balanced and …2013/11/19Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2013-11-19 15:02:42
Feline ObesityBy Jean Hofve, DVM Obesity is a serious problem for our feline friends; it affects more than half of American cats today. Many serious health problems can result from obesity, including arthritis, …2013/11/18Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2013-11-18 15:23:40
Fiber FactsBy Dr. Jean Hofve Recently there has been renewed interest in fiber as a pet food ingredient. One pet food manufacturer published an article on the Internet condemning beet pulp …2013/11/18Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2013-11-18 15:22:34
CatsWalk Newsletter – September 2013News Bites New Feline Vaccination Guidelines Traveling with Pets Paw Project Launches Colorado Campaign Finally – Tighter Regulations on Kitten and Puppy Mills Winter’s Coming – Are Your Pets Ready? …2013/09/05CatsWalk Newsletter2013-09-05 08:12:28
Catswalk Newsletter – August 2013In this issue: 1. News Bites Paw Project: The Movie! Vegan Diet Nearly Kills Kitten Obesity-Related Diseases in Cats Rhode Island Bans Declaw Requirement for Tenants Dolphin Rights 2. Science …2013/08/17CatsWalk Newsletter2013-08-17 12:40:13
CatsWalk Newsletter – July 2013In this issue: 1. News Bites: Fat cat prompts cruelty charges Iceland hunting whales for dog food Internet vet loses license over online advice Children die in hot cars–and so …2013/07/11CatsWalk Newsletter2013-07-11 06:54:34
Animal Wellness Magazineby Jean Hofve, DVM Animal Wellness Magazine is the #1 integrative pet health and wellness publication. I’ve been writing for Animal Wellness for many years. It’s a wonderful resource that features the latest information …2013/07/09Holistic Pet Mall2013-07-09 15:50:02
New Pet Food Standards – Finally?The standards by which pet food are made are set by an organization called AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). AAFCO provides model rules and standards that most states have …2013/06/15Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2013-06-15 12:46:49
Declawing: A Rational LookBy Jean Hofve, DVM There are few feline issues as controversial as declawing. There is a great deal of myth and misinformation out there about it. If you are considering …2013/05/17Declawing2013-05-17 16:05:00
College of Integrative Veterinary Therapiesby Jean Hofve, DVM Before last week, I had never heard of the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT). But I am tremendously excited about this organization, and I think a lot of our …2013/05/09Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2013-05-09 10:09:24
CatsWalk Newsletter – April 2013CatsWalk Newsletter April 2013 by Jean Hofve, DVM Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 Please note:  This newsletter is emailed only to current subscribers through Get Response, but please feel free …2013/04/30CatsWalk Newsletter2013-04-30 18:00:31
PetMD claims soy is good for carnivoresOn a blog,  Dr. Jennifer Coates discusses how nutrition impacts the immune system. No argument here, of course what you, your cat, your dog, or your pet elephant eats …2013/04/24Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2013-04-24 14:11:51
Declawing and ScienceThis summary presents the main arguments against a legal ban on declawing (of cats and other animals), and the documented, scientific facts about each one—as opposed to the opinions expressed …2013/04/24Declawing2013-04-24 10:00:53
EFT in Practice: The Scary Hair DryerMany thanks to Maureen Cram of South Africa for allowing us to reprint this article. Here she explains in detail exactly how she helped her cat get over a serious …2013/03/11EFT (Tapping)2013-03-11 15:23:48
Study Slams Raw Diets for CatsA study in the Journal of Animal Sciences (J. Anim. Sci. 2013.91:225–237) claims that raw diets aren’t quite the cat’s meow. Researchers from the University of Illinois and an Omaha …2013/03/01Pet Food and Nutrition2013-03-01 10:11:39
Are Dogs Really Supposed to Eat Corn?by Jean Hofve, DVM Purina was the first to trumpet the results of an letter in the journal Nature reporting an in-depth study of the genetics of dogs vs. wolves. …2013/02/26Dogs2013-02-26 23:18:36
Funny Vet StoriesA couple of weeks ago, my pal Caroline Golon of asked if I had any funny stories from my years as in clinical practice. Oh, yes indeed–and one in …2013/02/21Fun Stuff2013-02-21 09:54:59
Physical Consequences of DeclawingDeclawing changes the way the cat’s paws function, and this creates stress on the joints of the paw, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and spine. The cat’s gait changes, as weight is …2013/02/01Declawing2013-02-01 16:56:33
Health – the Greatest GiftMy dear friend and world-renowned veterinary homeopath, Dr. Christina Chambreau, has a very specific idea about how to achieve optimal health for your cat or dog. She believes (and I …2012/12/20Holistic Pet Mall2012-12-20 10:20:29
Pets in Pain–Don’t let them SufferWe are honored to have a wonderful guest blogger today, Dr. Shelley Brown of Harmony Veterinary Center, Arvada, CO. Dr. Brown practices integrative veterinary medicine, including acupuncture, cold laser, and homotoxicology. …2012/12/11Cat Behavior, Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2012-12-11 11:30:24
Urinary IncontinenceOne of the more unpleasant conditions that pets may develop is urinary incontinence. This means that involuntary passage or leakage of urine occurs. It’s a relatively common problem in dogs, …2012/11/30Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2012-11-30 16:09:20
Filling Pet Prescriptions at Human PharmaciesI recently came across a very disturbing article in a veterinary publication about the errors being made by human pharmacists when filling prescriptions from a veterinarian. The Oregon Veterinary Medical Association …2012/11/21Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2012-11-21 10:07:02
Declawing AlternativesBy Jean Hofve, DVM All reasons for non-medical declawing have non-surgical alternatives. There are many humane choices will still protect both human and feline health, as well as sofas and …2012/11/17Declawing, Important Info2012-11-17 14:48:30
Can You Make Your Cat Sick?This is a question many people would like to know more about! Animal disease transfer to people is called “zoonosis.” Humans transmitting diseases to their pets is called “reverse zoonosis.” …2012/11/13Holistic Pet Health, Human Health, Important Info2012-11-13 08:23:00
What Your Vet Must Tell You about Vaccines (but probably won’t)Many thanks to our good friend Jan Rasmusen for the following video and information. Click here to browse her vast resources on vaccines and more. Please be sure to sign …2012/10/14Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2012-10-14 06:08:53
Rice Bran – No Good for Cats!You would think that cat food manufacturers would make sure that the ingredients they use are safe for cats. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Rice bran is what …2012/08/10Pet Food and Nutrition2012-08-10 15:35:16
AVMA vs Raw FoodThe AVMA recently adopted a policy position against raw meat diets for pets. Their reasoning is wrong and their science is unfounded. Here is my reasoning on why AVMA (as well …2012/07/25Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2012-07-25 15:00:34
Tell FDA: Label Genetically Modified Foods!Did you know that 85% of corn and more than 90% of soy in the US is genetically modified? GM foods may cause serious damage to your body, but the …2012/07/12Pet Food and Nutrition2012-07-12 10:06:18
Declawing: A Physical Therapist Assistant’s PerspectiveThanks so much to by Ruth Y. for letting us post her great article about the long-term physical effects of declawing! (Originally posted at There are many good reasons to be …2012/06/06Declawing2012-06-06 21:26:11
Relief for Declawed CatsSo, your cat is declawed: maybe it was done prior to adoption; or a landlord or  family member may have insisted on declawing, your veterinarian may have talked you into …2012/06/06Declawing2012-06-06 08:55:01
Chronic Pain of DeclawingDeclawing is an extremely painful procedure. According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), “Physically, regardless of the method used, onychectomy causes a higher level of pain than spays …2012/06/06Declawing2012-06-06 08:54:58
Green has a very good article on “green” household cleaners–and why the ones you buy at the store (even those that claim to be “green” or that you get from the …2012/05/30Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2012-05-30 13:11:53
A Declaw StoryNOTE: One of our readers, Karen Whitaker, contacted us with this story about her cat Sasha, and has graciously (and courageously)  given us permission to post it. Thank you so …2012/05/28Declawing2012-05-28 11:53:56
Cat Litter Roundup & ReviewUpdated 4/27/24 Every now and then, I go through a kind of “Litter Dance,” in which I try out a variety of kitty litters on my gang of four. Fortunately …2012/04/30Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2012-04-30 10:31:17
Mad Cow Discovered in CaliforniaI’m in California this week (May 2012) visiting family…and there are so many interesting things happening here! But of course, the one that may most profoundly affect our pets is …2012/04/26Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2012-04-26 11:03:50
Keeping Pets Safe this SpringIt’s almost Easter, and even though there’s new snow in Denver this morning, it’s time for a reminder about the potential dangers of the spring season for pets. Most bulbs …2012/04/03Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2012-04-03 10:39:50
Aggression in CatsAggression in cats is not uncommon, but it’s unusual for it to be serious enough for people to seek professional help. Just a decade ago, however, a study from Cornell …2012/03/27Cat Behavior2012-03-27 17:47:26
Feline Hyperthyroidism UpdateDiscovery News reported this week that “In a new study that analyzed the blood of 62 domestic cats and 10 feral cats, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign …2012/03/20Holistic Pet Health2012-03-20 12:28:07
Newly Discovered Virus in China Linked to Feline Kidney DiseaseResearchers in Hong Kong have discovered a new virus that they’re calling feline morbillivirus. It is related to the paramyxovirus that causes canine distemper; but in cats it appears to cause …2012/03/20Holistic Pet Health2012-03-20 10:49:25
Pet food violates federal law–with FDA blessingThe FDA recently released a video about pet food to reassure us that commercial pet food is just fine: (FDA video)… But this video is incredibly misleading, and (if you ask …2012/03/11Pet Food and Nutrition2012-03-11 09:28:32
Overweight PetsDr. Karen Becker over at has written a fabulous article on  overweight pets and the completely wrong-headed approach being taken by the pet food industry to a problem that …2012/03/04Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2012-03-04 15:09:48
False rumors of new strains of *canine* distemper virusFrom the American Veterinary Medical Association: It was recently brought to our attention that there are rumors circulating online about the existence of two new strains of canine distemper virus. …2012/02/09Dogs2012-02-09 17:23:06
Play is Important for — Survival??We have long advocated play therapy as a way to prevent–and solve–a host of feline behavior problems, as well as a part of indoor enrichment for your cat’s mental and …2012/02/06Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2012-02-06 10:57:52
Only Natural Pet StoreOnly Natural Pet Store is the largest online retailer of natural pet foods and products. Dr. Jean has been working with Only Natural Pet for several years; in fact, many …2012/02/04Holistic Pet Mall2012-02-04 10:09:06
CatsWalk Newsletter – January 2012*Yes, we know it’s February and we’re a little late…but we were waiting for some important info on Jackson’s book! In this issue: 1. News Bites February is National Pet …2012/02/02CatsWalk Newsletter2012-02-02 15:14:37
EFT Tapping Trainingby Jean Hofve, DVM EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or “Tapping,” is one of the most amazing healing modalities ever discovered. It’s free to learn, and easy to apply. I recommend …2012/02/02EFT (Tapping)2012-02-02 10:34:57
Report from AAFCO Pet Food CommitteeThe meeting of AAFCO’s Pet Food Committee (PFC) was held Wednesday afternoon, with a very busy agenda. This committee is responsible for updates to the model pet food regulations that …2012/01/19Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2012-01-19 11:23:48
Hot News on Pet Food!Little Big Cat is coming to you today from beautiful Reno, Nevada; I’m attending the mid-year meeting of AAFCO, the Association of American Feed Control Officials. If that organization sounds …2012/01/17Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2012-01-17 18:05:27
No Milk TodayIt’s true that cats love milk. Most cats will drink it if you let them. And who hasn’t shared a little milk with their feline friend now and then? So, …2012/01/05Pet Food and Nutrition2012-01-05 10:53:46
AVMA’s New “Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership”The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) just published its new Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership (Journal of the AVMA, 2012 Jan 1;240(1):11-12), parting ways with the California VMA’s Golden Rules …2011/12/30Important Info2011-12-30 18:39:51
CatsWalk November-December 2011Happy Holidays! In this issue: 1. News Bites Little Big Cat is “best cat website” of 2011! Israel bans cat declawing Pet theft on the rise FDA looking for Salmonella …2011/12/22CatsWalk Newsletter2011-12-22 16:32:55
Vegetarian Cats?Updated March 6, 2024 There are several companies and websites that promote vegetarian (no meat or fish) or even vegan (no animal products at all) diets for cats. These products …2011/12/16Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2011-12-16 15:21:31
Dr. Jean Takes on More Absurd “Experts”!Pet food. The truth about it is often hard to come by, especially because all the money and power are concentrated on making you, the consumer, believe that pet food …2011/12/02Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2011-12-02 14:12:31
DisclaimersThe proprietor of this site ( is Jackson Galaxy. Jackson, Dr. Jean, or Little Big Cat, Inc. may receive compensation from other websites  or products we mention on this blog. …2011/11/26Important Info2011-11-26 11:44:16
Copyright NoticeThis site and all the information and all graphic representations or images on it belong to Little Big Cat in the absence of any contrary indication. Copyright and all intellectual …2011/11/26Important Info2011-11-26 08:06:05
Little Big Cat Wins 2011 Muse Medallion Award!We are very proud  that Little Big Cat won the coveted 2011 Muse Medallion Award for best website, from the Cat Writers’ Association. You may remember a few weeks back …2011/11/24Other Stuff2011-11-24 10:14:56
Declawing Cats Required to Rent?Updated January 13, 2024 By Jean Hofve, DVM and Judith Beggs, JD    Many landlords require cats to be declawed before they will rent to a cat guardian.* Sadly, because …2011/11/17Declawing2011-11-17 14:57:53
Study Supports Raw Meat Diet for CatsA study was just published on the relative digestibility of different diets in cats. The researchers found that the raw-meat based diet (RB) and cooked meat diets (CB) were both …2011/10/18Pet Food and Nutrition2011-10-18 10:07:15
CatsWalk Newsletter – October 2011In this issue: 1. News Bites Little Big Cat wins award! Florida cats being poisoned. Jack, the cat lost and found in JFK airport, is sick RIP feline leukemia pioneer …2011/10/13CatsWalk Newsletter2011-10-13 22:50:36
Healthy Weight Management for Dogs and CatsBy Jean Hofve, DVM Nutrition experts like to portray weight control as a simple matter of “calories in minus calories out.” But as anyone who’s ever been on a diet …2011/10/06Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2011-10-06 11:11:45
CatsWalk Newsletter, September 2011Please note:  This newsletter is emailed only to current subscribers, but please feel free to forward it to friends! Click here to get your own subscription. To unsubscribe, please click …2011/09/30CatsWalk Newsletter2011-09-30 13:17:46
Top 4 Pet SupplementsBy Jean Hofve, DVM There are four nutritional supplements I recommend for every cat and dog, no matter what diet they’re eating or what else they’re taking. These four supplements …2011/09/30Pet Food and Nutrition2011-09-30 07:19:31
Feline HyperesthesiaCats have many unique characteristics that make for some interesting health challenges, but one of the strangest is “Ripple Skin Syndrome,” or “Itchy Twitchy syndrome” (technically called “feline hyperesthesia”). This …2011/09/26Holistic Pet Health2011-09-26 15:18:31
Rabbit FeverBoth people and cats can get infected with Tularemia, also known as rabbit fever. People usually acquire the infection by handling dead rabbits (whether shot or died of natural causes); and …2011/09/16Holistic Pet Health, Human Health2011-09-16 09:09:32
GMO Kittens Bred for ResearchThe Time online headline reads: “Glow-in-the-Dark Cats May Help Shed Light on AIDS.” Maia Szalavitz reports: “These glowing animals have been genetically engineered to make blood cells that are resistant …2011/09/13Other Stuff2011-09-13 13:26:56
The “Greening” of CatsUpdated 6/30/19 Here are a few good ways  to make living with a cat “greener” (that is, more “environmentally friendly”) by exercising some discretion in how you shop. Buy earth-friendly …2011/09/10Holistic Pet Health2011-09-10 12:40:07
Don’t fall for universal pet food marketing tricksUpdated 8/10/16 (original publication date 9/1/11). Any good veterinarian is learning all the time. These issues do not apply to any individual, but the criticisms of the pet food industry are 100% valid. Here are some of the worst …2011/09/01Pet Food and Nutrition2011-09-01 11:27:25
CatsWalk Newsletter August 2011In this issue: 1. News Bites Recall of ground turkey across the West Wolverines killing cats in British Columbia Manufacturer runs out of heartworm drug Click to donate cat litter …2011/08/22CatsWalk Newsletter2011-08-22 07:34:23
Cancer Prevention and TreatmentCancer. Pet guardians fear this diagnosis above all others; not only because the conventional treatments are so perilous, but also because, despite treatment, it is most often fatal. More than half …2011/08/18Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2011-08-18 06:35:37
Pets’ Top “Complaints”An interesting article at cites animal communicator Patty Payne and the top five “shocking” things she’s heard from pets. I have no doubt about #3; two of my cats …2011/08/12Other Stuff2011-08-12 10:06:16
Swimming cats!Our good friend, Mary Ellen at, is featured in a video interview about her 5 swimming cats! She had been worried that they might get loose and fall in …2011/08/04Other Stuff2011-08-04 11:39:03
Declawing – Annotated Reference List1.     Ansah OB, Vainio O, Hellsten C, et al. Postoperative pain control in cats: clinical trials with medetomidine and butorphanol. Vet Surg 2002;31:99-103. Medetomidine and butorphanol provided equivalent pain relief …2011/08/02Declawing2011-08-02 10:00:19
Studies Pertaining to Declawing (Annotated)Adapted from Patronek, Studies Pertaining to Onychectomy, 2001 Additional studies not cited in the original noted in color; additions and comments by Jean Hofve, DVM Study No. Cats Time Relevant …2011/08/02Declawing2011-08-02 09:14:04
Indoor Enrichment for CatsCats are smart, and they naturally know everything they need to know about being a cat. However, they do not know about things like cars, dogs, infectious diseases, and other …2011/08/02Cat Behavior2011-08-02 06:37:36
CatsWalk Newsletter July 2011In this issue: 1. News Bites Purina ONE dry cat food recalled Kitten survives washing machine ordeal Mountain lion’s long walk ends in Connecticut Cat winning as “Biggest Loser” 2. …2011/07/31CatsWalk Newsletter2011-07-31 13:38:24
Police dog’s remarkable survival storyThis morning brought us an amazing story about a courageous police dog named Shadow, who took a bullet to the face during a standoff with an armed suspect. Sadly, his …2011/07/29Dogs2011-07-29 08:16:35
Plants that clean the air (from Mercola)One of the items posted in Dr. Joseph Mercola’s newsletter this morning was pushing his special air filter, which is fine, but he also mentioned that many plants are good …2011/07/21Other Stuff2011-07-21 06:10:56
Pets are good for us!Another day, another study on the benefits of companion animals. This one was reported in the Washington Post (a rarity these days, when most of the news coming out of …2011/07/14Dogs, Human Health2011-07-14 12:14:04
Consumer Reports giving bad pet advice — again!For decades, Consumer Reports was THE place to go for product reviews and advice on big purchases. But when they enter the area of pet care, they consistently give very …2011/07/13Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Other Stuff2011-07-13 16:09:33
Itch Relief UpdateDr. Patty Khuly’s blog this morning was terrific! She has personally been dealing with a very itchy skin eruption, probably what most of us would call hives or “heat rash.” …2011/07/07Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2011-07-07 08:47:32
Spaying & Neutering Saves LivesA very well-written article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer reveals that aggressive spay-neuter programs have dramatically decreased the killing of pets simply because they are unwanted. From a ghastly high of 20 million …2011/07/06Dogs, Holistic Pet Health, Other Stuff2011-07-06 12:12:00
EFT in Practice: Help for Separation Anxiety in a CatBy Colleen Flanagan Reprinted with permission from I hope this case study helps people understand that animals have excellent memories, especially for traumatic events.  Also, many pets can see …2011/07/06EFT (Tapping)2011-07-06 11:49:34
Cats tell Pet Psychic how they feel about declawingThe following article was written during the declaw ban movement in California. Other animal communicators and intuitives have reported the same thing. Pet Psychic Talks to Declawed Cats: Some Find Painful …2011/07/03Declawing2011-07-03 12:29:43
ASPCA’s tips for a safe 4th of July for your petsThe ASPCA Poison Control Center offers the following pet safety tips for 4th of July — we agree! Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended where pets can reach them. Alcoholic beverages …2011/07/01Other Stuff2011-07-01 08:34:39
Double the Fun, Double the Territory!By Jackson Galaxy Michael, Patty, their toddler Pandora, and most of all, their cat Tess, had a big problem*. As Pandora was becoming more and more mobile, Tess was getting …2011/06/27Cat Behavior2011-06-27 11:22:14
Don’t Vaccinate Your Adult Cat for DistemperSeriously? Yes! Evidence is mounting that the common FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and paneleukopenia) vaccine may cause long-term damage to cats’ kidneys that increases with every booster. Here’s the …2011/06/24Holistic Pet Health2011-06-24 19:23:17
EFT in Practice: Relief for a cat with a urinary blockageby Michelle LaPrise Article reprinted with permission from So…here’s my latest tapping miracle. My kit-kat Junior is 11 and has a problem common among male cats whereby his little …2011/06/20EFT (Tapping)2011-06-20 11:33:47
What you don’t know about food can hurt you!Check out this stunning TED talk on food safety in the U.S. The speaker, Robyn O’Brien, told the story of how one of her children developed a food allergy, and that …2011/06/17Human Health2011-06-17 08:16:23
People without PetsThere was a great article in the Huffington Post this week about people who choose not to have pets. The writer, Joan Liebmann, wondered if and how people without pets …2011/06/16Other Stuff2011-06-16 15:21:51
CatsWalk Newsletter – June 2011In this issue: 1. News Bites 2. Water, the Forgotten Nutrient 3. Top Ten Summer Safety Tips for Pets! 1. News Bites Adopted cat returns life-saving favor. Rusty, a 10-year-old …2011/06/16CatsWalk Newsletter2011-06-16 10:25:27
Guidelines for Safe Handling of CatsCats get less veterinary care than dogs. That’s an established fact. A study published in 2008 in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association found that: Cats get significantly …2011/06/16Other Stuff2011-06-16 09:27:18
Animal lovers choose pets over money and politicsA survey of 1500 pet guardians conducted by PetMD found that 90% of pet “owners” would choose their animal companions over money in a divorce, and 56% would not vote …2011/06/14Other Stuff2011-06-14 13:07:47
“Expert” answers pet food questionsToday’s New York Times featured Dr. Tony Buffington, of The Ohio State University, answering questions about pet food. (Click here to read the full article in the NYT.) For fun, …2011/06/13Pet Food and Nutrition2011-06-13 11:54:01
It’s Adopt-a-Cat Month!June is Adopt-a-Cat month! It’s also the start of kitten season, when tens of thousands of unintended and unwanted kittens will be dumped at shelters. People think, “Oh, kittens are …2011/06/01Other Stuff2011-06-01 11:50:32
Heartworm now found “in all 50 states”According to the American Heartworm Society (AHS), its “every-three-years survey, which tracks heartworm incidence from data supplied by more than 5,000 veterinary clinics, has documented cases in every state.” [Note: …2011/06/01Holistic Pet Health2011-06-01 11:29:29
Pets and Cars: a Potentially Deadly CombinationEven though the weather doesn’t feel like it in many places, summer is upon us! So it’s time to remind folks about the volatile combination of cars and pets. Every …2011/05/28Other Stuff2011-05-28 09:48:41
Outdoor Cats’ Secret LivesA study done at the University of Illinois tracked 42 owned outdoor and free-living cats for two years. The report, published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, found that stray/feral …2011/05/27Other Stuff2011-05-27 21:44:04
What if your pet gets into YOUR medications?Great post by Dr. Patty Khuly over at PetMD on what to expect when your pet eats one of the five most-prescribed medications! (In case you’re curious, those five are: Lipitor, …2011/05/25Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2011-05-25 07:13:14
Lifestages, Lifestyles, and Cat FoodThe number and types of commercial cat food seems multiplying like rabbits. One online store carries 353 different dry foods, and 735 varieties of canned food! Here’s a sampling of …2011/05/23Pet Food and Nutrition2011-05-23 11:52:21
More money, fewer vet visitsThe headline read: “Revenue growth can’t hide ‘alarming’ decline in client visits.” This news, from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, went on to note that “Income increased …2011/05/22Other Stuff2011-05-22 09:11:03
Omega-3 Update: more info, more choicesBy Jean Hofve, DVM The headline read: “Omega-3 Fats Shown to Decrease Risk of Dying from Inflammatory Diseases.” This study is a big deal, as it involved more than 2,500 …2011/05/10Pet Food and Nutrition2011-05-10 10:08:30
Heartworm in CatsBy Jean Hofve, DVM In a seemingly diabolical plot, veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies have teamed up in a marketing campaign to frighten guardians into giving year-round heartworm preventatives to their …2011/05/01Holistic Pet Health2011-05-01 12:06:34
Flea/Tick Drug Promeris Causes Autoimmune DiseaseThe flea/tick preventative Promeris Duo for dogs and cats has been proven to cause Pemphigus foliaceus, an autoimmune disease. The reaction is “rare but serious,” according to the study’s lead …2011/04/20Other Stuff2011-04-20 08:18:17
Cats-Only Clinics becoming more popularCats-only clinics gain in popularity A recent article by Anne Gonzales at the Sacramento Bee (California) discussed the increasing number and popularity of cats-only veterinary clinics. Sacramento veterinarian Irene Fujishima …2011/04/13Other Stuff2011-04-13 09:26:44
Pet “OCD”Dr. Nicholas Dodman, director of the Behavior Clinics at the veterinary school at Tufts University, recently spoke about compulsive behaviors in animals at the conference of the The International Association …2011/04/13Other Stuff2011-04-13 08:45:15
Simple injection could cure cat allergiesCat allergies could be cured by a simple injection, scientists hope, according to a report by Martin Beckford, Health Correspondent 7:00AM BST 02 Apr 2011, in The Telegraph ( While …2011/04/05Other Stuff2011-04-05 11:07:07
Zodiac Flea Collars on “Dirty Dozen” ListZodiac flea collars made it onto the Cancer Prevention Coalition’s “Dirty Dozen” list of most-carcinogenic consumer products. Zodiac Cat & Dog Flea Collar (Sandoz Agro. Inc). Labeled Toxic Ingredient PROPOXUR, …2011/03/30Other Stuff2011-03-30 05:53:27
CatsWalk Newsletter, March 2011In this issue: 1. News Bites Wellness cat food recall Research finds that cats prefer food similar to their natural prey Xylitol toxicity Good news, bad news about puppy mills …2011/03/24CatsWalk Newsletter2011-03-24 13:02:02
Constipated CatsCats are prone to constipation, which is always uncomfortable but can even become life-threatening! It’s a problem that’s a lot easier to prevent than solve, but there are quite a …2011/03/01Holistic Pet Health2011-03-01 08:17:13
Feline Nutrition Education SocietyIf you haven’t heard of the Feline Nutrition Education Society, please check it out, join, and if possible, volunteer. FNES is an educational group whose aim is to teach folks …2011/02/01Other Stuff2011-02-01 11:21:46
AntioxidantsAntioxidants are natural compounds that are important in the neutralization or scavenging of “oxygen free radicals,” which are normal by-products of body metabolism. Controlled amounts of free radicals are normally …2011/01/22Pet Food and Nutrition2011-01-22 09:41:15
Cats, Sickness, Stress, and the EnvironmentA fascinating study out of The Ohio State University was published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (J Am Vet Med Assoc 2011;238:67–73). Here’s part of OSU’s …2011/01/13Holistic Pet Health2011-01-13 10:20:58
Veterinarian’s Oath RevisedVeterinarian’s Oath – Will Your Vet Follow the New Version? As we told you in the last CatsWalk newsletter, the American Veterinary Medical Association (recently updated the Veterinarian’s Oath that …2011/01/13Other Stuff2011-01-13 10:17:38
CatsWalk Newsletter – January 2011by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 January 2011 In this issue: 1. News Bites Breaking news: study shows unsafe levels of toxic heavy metals …2011/01/12CatsWalk Newsletter2011-01-12 07:36:24
Play Therapyby Jackson Galaxy As you pass innocently by a doorway, your cat pounces fiercely on your ankle, gnawing and clawing until blood is drawn, and then bolting away under the …2011/01/07Cat Behavior2011-01-07 19:23:33
Omega-3s are Essential for Cats and Dogs!Updated July 2024 No doubt you’ve heard of Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 fatty acids, and essential fatty acids. You may even take them yourself. But did you know that they …2010/12/02Pet Food and Nutrition2010-12-02 11:45:36
Fluoride in Pet Food — A New Danger?By Jean Hofve, DVM According to a report by the Environmental Working Group, excessive amounts of fluoride were found in 8 major national brands of dog and puppy food. The …2010/12/02Pet Food and Nutrition2010-12-02 11:34:17
EFT Tapping for AnimalsTapping, Meridian Therapies, or “Energy Psychology, including EFT (Emotional freedom Techniques) are techniques based on points along traditional Chinese acupuncture meridians. Sometimes these are referred to as “tapping” because they …2010/12/01EFT (Tapping)2010-12-01 11:15:37
Homemade Diets for Cats and DogsREVISED 6/1/23 Balanced homemade diets are the best for our cats and dogs. By making your pet’s food at home, you control the quality of the ingredients, and commercial food …2010/11/18Dogs, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 15:29:00
Feline AcneIt’s not just for teenagers anymore – cats can get acne too! You may see your cat rubbing his chin against the furniture or other corners more than usual. You …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:28:09
Feline ConjunctivitisUpdated January 14, 2024 Many cats have chronic problems with conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye membranes). Often, the problem comes and goes. The symptoms of feline conjunctivitis in cats are …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:27:18
Feline Diabetes BasicsBy Jean Hofve, DVM Has your cat been diagnosed with diabetes? Are you looking for the most accurate and up-to-date information on this condition in cats? Are you interested in …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:25:46
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)By Jean Hofve, DVM FIP is a particularly nasty disease—one that causes great confusion and distress. The name itself is misleading; the only absolutely true point about the name is …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:24:44
Finding a Lost PetBy Jean Hofve, DVM Finding Lost Pets With the warm weather of summer, windows and doors are often open, and pets can get out and lost more easily. Several studies …2010/11/18Important Info2010-11-18 15:21:17
Fish Oil and Hyperthyroidism — Is There a Link?By Jean Hofve, DVM A reader recently quoted part of one of our newsletters in an email, and (in addition to the subject of her email, which was our warning …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:20:21
Flower Essences for AnimalsBy Jean Hofve, DVM Flower essences (remedies) are specially prepared extracts of the flowering parts of certain plants. They work through biofield energy to heal stress and disease from the …2010/11/18Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:19:56
Geriatric CatsBy Jean Hofve, DVM Just like humans, cats are prone to a number of medical problems as they get older. With diet, supplements, and extra care, many of these conditions …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:14:05
Giardia Natural Treatment ProtocolThis is a protocol that I heard about many years ago for getting rid of Giardia, and have used many times successfully (and safely) in cats and dogs.  This protocol …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:08:56
HairballsThere’s nothing quite like the shock of stepping out of your warm bed onto a cold, squishy, slimy hairball! Perhaps we should feel flattered that our beloved feline companion has …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:07:58
How to Care for Your New KittenBy Jean Hofve, DVM Kittens, like all animal babies, need special care. It is important to provide lots of love and, as well as more practical items like toys, a …2010/11/18Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 15:01:14
How to Keep Your Cat Pest-FreeAre you… •    Using oral or topical flea & tick preparations or collars? •    Dosing your pet with heartworm medication? •    Using ant, roach or other pesticides inside or outside …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:56:36
Humane Pet Food?By Jean Hofve, DVM The headline reads: “The HSUS Launches New Line of Natural, Organic Pet Food” “Selecting a high-quality pet food is one of the most important decisions a …2010/11/18Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 14:39:01
Indoors or Outdoors?By Jean Hofve, DVM Are you thinking about allowing your cat to go outside without restriction? To make the right decision, you need to know the facts. The average lifespan …2010/11/18Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:36:15
Introduction to HomeopathyBy Jean Hofve, DVM Homeopathy is a system of medical treatment developed in the late 1800s by a German physician and chemist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. His system follows the theory …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:33:00
Kidney Disease in CatsKidney disease, in the form of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), also called Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), is a common problem in older cats. I have seen natural kidney failure in …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:31:55
Laser ToysBy Jackson Galaxy Every doting cat guardian, it seems, is always on the lookout for the latest, greatest toy – something that will capture their kitty companion’s attention and hone …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 14:27:05
Let’s Talk About Talk!By Jackson Galaxy Without fail, the most fascinating information about the cat world comes to us from our clients, subscribers and cat-loving friends, not merely from “book learning.” This time, …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 14:25:25
Litterbox SecretsBy Jackson Galaxy The most common problem we deal with is inconsistent use of the litterbox. Often, by the time clients call, they are “at the end of their rope,” …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 14:23:17
Living with FIVBy Jean Hofve, DVM Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a relatively “new” cat disease; it was first discovered in domestic cats around 1975. Since then it has been found that …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:16:00
Mad Cow Disease and Your PetsBy Jean Hofve, DVM In December 23, 2003, the first official U.S. case of “mad cow disease” (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE) was reported in the news; a second followed …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:13:13
Microchips and CancerRecently, microchips for pets became mandatory in England and Scotland. This has resurrected some of the media misinformation that has long gone around on the internet about the “dangers” of microchips, particularly the …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:11:37
Milk Thistle – A Wonder Herb?Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a flowering plant in the Aster family. A native of Europe, it has been used since the time of the Roman emperors as a liver …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:10:08
Moving with Your Catby Jackson Galaxy To understand how stressful a change in environment can be on a cat, think about how stressful moving can be for us. According to psychologists, the top …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 14:08:56
Outdoor Safety for CatsBy Jean Hofve, DVM As you probably know, we recommend against letting cats roam freely outdoors. There are just too many dangers to make it worth the risk. However, we …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:06:21
Overstimulation (Petting-Related) AggressionBy Jackson Galaxy Wendy and her cat Nala are relaxing on the couch, Wendy absently stroking a half-sleeping Nala while she watches TV. This goes on for ten minutes or …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 14:05:17
Pet Cancer — a “Smoking” Gun?By Jean Hofve, DVM Many studies have shown that second-hand (environmental) smoke is a health hazard to humans, much less research has been done in animals. However, there are a …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 14:02:15
Pet Food Marketing HypeUpdated March 17, 2024 A trip down the pet food aisle these days will boggle the mind with all the wonderful claims made by manufacturers for their particular products. But …2010/11/18Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 14:00:19
Pet Food RegulationBy Jean Hofve, DVM A note from Dr. Jean: I wrote this for The Whole Dog Journal around 2001. I put it online after the 2007 pet food recall scandal, …2010/11/18Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 13:58:37
Pet Food, People, and the FDABy Jean Hofve, DVM Pet food labels are plenty obscure, but labels on human food are just as bad. As you get better at assessing pet food, you’ll also want …2010/11/18Other Stuff, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 13:56:36
Play AggressionBy Jackson Galaxy Art has a great relationship with his feline companion, Mouse. That is, except around dinnertime every day. Even though Art watches around the corners to see where …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 13:55:28
Poisonous and Dangerous PlantsBy Jean Hofve, DVM Aconite (Monkshood, Wolfsbane) Agaricus Mushrooms Aloe 1 Amanita Mushrooms Amaryllis Avocado (leaves, seeds) Azalea Baneberry Black Walnut Bleeding Heart Bouncing Bet (Soapwort) Bulbs (Lily, Daffodil, Tulip, …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 13:49:13
Preventing Vaccine Adverse EffectsBy Jean Hofve, DVM For our pets, the rabies vaccine is a legal requirement. There are similar requirements for a variety of vaccines for children entering school, and there is …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 13:48:25
Preventing Vaccine Adverse Effects – 1 page summaryBy Jean Hofve, DVM 1 hour before vaccination: One dose of high-EPA fish oil* One dose of antioxidants; curcumin and quercetin in particular have been found to block the ability …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health, Important Info2010-11-18 13:47:34
Probiotics: A Dietary Powerhouse for Your CatBy Jean Hofve, DVM There are many cats (and dogs) who need extra help with digestive and other health issues. Probiotics have helped solve these problems for many pets. The …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 13:36:44
Rabies – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt YouBy Special Guest Expert, Jennifer Fry, DVM A recent nationwide survey showed that while owners are overwhelmingly compliant with rabies vaccinations for their pets, some may not fully understand the …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 13:35:20
Redirected Aggression: A Case StudyBy Jackson Galaxy From The Galaxy Files – “Trouble In Paradise” When I received the phone call for assistance, the voice on the other end was not just frustrated, as …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 13:33:28
Seizures and EpilepsyThere are few things more frightening than witnessing your cat or dog having a full-blown seizure—falling down, paddling with its paws, even barking or yowling. Seizures are the result of …2010/11/18Dogs, Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 13:29:47
Slippery ElmUpdated 1/2/24 Slippery elm bark is an amazing herb, and unlike many plants, it is extremely safe for cats! Caution: As you may know, it is potentially dangerous to give …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 13:23:18
Spaying and NeuteringBy Jean Hofve, DVM More than a million “excess” dogs and cats will be killed in shelters this year. This is down from some 12 million in 2000, but it’s …2010/11/18Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 13:22:03
Squirt Bottles, Punishment, and Cat BehaviorBy Jackson Galaxy The scenario plays out with cat guardians everywhere: the cat is always getting into something, like jumping onto counters, climbing up screen doors or drapes…and the list …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 13:20:59
Switching FoodsBy Jean Hofve, DVM The spice of life is variety, or so they say. If that’s true for people, what about our dogs and cats? I love the commercial where …2010/11/18Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 13:19:06
The “Dangers” of a Raw DietREVISED 6/30/10 Many proponents tout the benefits of feeding meat raw to our our carnivorous feline and canine companions. But most veterinarians and self-styled “experts” claim that raw diets are …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 13:16:38
The Importance of the Annual Veterinary ExaminationRevised 8/23/16 With the current controversy surrounding annual vaccinations, many people are electing to have their pets get fewer vaccines. This has led to the assumption that they do not …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 13:11:46
The Making of a Spirit Essences Remedy: Safe Space for CatsBy Jackson Galaxy An outgrowth of the original Little Big Cat idea, SpiritEssence is the name of our line of flower essence formulas. Actually, they contain much more than flowers! …2010/11/18Fun Stuff2010-11-18 13:10:49
The Right Weight Loss Program for Cats!By Jean Hofve, DVM A reader recently emailed us to ask how she could help her cat lose weight. Indeed, obesity is a serious problem for our feline friends. Many …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 13:06:57
The Tail Speaks Louder than WordsBy Jackson Galaxy We all wish we could be better cat communicators and know more precisely what our cats are thinking at any given time. Fortunately, we don’t need to …2010/11/18Fun Stuff2010-11-18 12:55:04
Traveling with CatsBy Jean Hofve, DVM I’ve had lots of experience traveling and moving cats by car; we’ve gone back and forth from California to Colorado (about a 22 hour car trip) …2010/11/18Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 12:53:17
Urinary Tract Disorders in CatsUpdated 12/29/22. Few conditions strike greater fear into the heart of a cat guardian than urinary tract problems. Myths and misinformation abound, and many people know at least one other …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 12:46:03
Urine Spraying and Territorial StressBy Jackson Galaxy In 1995, Dr. Jean Hofve created Spirit Essences, our line of flower essence remedies. Actually, they contain much more than flowers! (See the FAQ at for details.) …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 12:42:18
VaccinationRevised 12/27/21 Vaccination is an ongoing controversy in veterinary medicine today. Veterinary schools and specialty organizations are promoting fewer vaccines at longer intervals, while many practitioners stubbornly cling to their …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 12:40:02
Water Water Everywhere, but What’s a Cat to Drink?Updated 12/3/22. Everyone is familiar with the 3 basic nutrient categories: protein, fat and carbohydrate. But there’s a 4th nutrient that’s just as important (if not more!), yet it is …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 12:35:39
West Nile Virus and CatsBy Jean Hofve, DVM Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes a new crop of mosquitoes and, potentially, a new round of West Nile Virus. This virus, …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 12:33:54
Why Cats Need Canned FoodUpdated August 2023 Cats are obligate carnivores. They require a meat-based diet for optimal health. Their natural diet is prey, such as rodents, rabbits, lizards, insects, and birds. These prey …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-18 12:13:58
Why Did My Cat Pee Outside the Litterbox?By Jean Hofve, DVM Spirit at age 20…her creaky old joints made it hard for her to access the litter box.     Spirit Essences were named for this spunky kitty! …2010/11/18Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 12:11:07
Why Fix What Isn’t Broken?By Special Guest Columnist,  Russell Louie – Optimum Choices, LLC We are happy to welcome our guest author, Russell Louie, and his thought-provoking article on preventative holistic medicine. Do you …2010/11/18Holistic Pet Health2010-11-18 12:02:34
Your Cat and Your New BabyBy Jackson Galaxy Expecting a baby? Congratulations! In all the anticipation and excitement, don’t forget that bringing home baby disrupt in your cat’s routine. Without proper preparation, litterbox problems, aggression …2010/11/18Cat Behavior2010-11-18 11:29:32
EFT in Practice: Surrogate EFT Helps Two Cats at a DistanceBy Maureen Cram, Stuffbusters Article reprinted with permission from (now For those who maintain disbelief in the possibility of distance healing via surrogate EFT, I suggest a study …2010/11/18EFT (Tapping)2010-11-18 06:40:51
EFT in Practice: EFT Helps Aggressive Stray find Love and a New Homeby Maureen Cram, Stuffbusters Article reprinted with permission from (now Maureen Cram from South Africa completely shifts the life of a stray cat by using surrogate EFT. Of …2010/11/18Cat Behavior, EFT (Tapping)2010-11-18 06:33:42
Does Dry Food Clean the Teeth?By Jean Hofve, DVM Let’s get this one straight once and for all: dry food does not clean your cat’s teeth! In fact, dry food really does not benefit the …2010/11/17Holistic Pet Health, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-17 18:59:16
Do-It -Yourself Bach Flower EssencesBy Dr. Jean Hofve Bach Flower Essences were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, in the early 1900’s. While originally developed for human use, we have …2010/11/17Cat Behavior2010-11-17 18:57:16
Dental Care for CatsBy Jean Hofve, DVM February is National Pet Dental Health Month! How much do you know about your cat’s dental health? Well, here’s a little refresher for you! The normal …2010/11/17Holistic Pet Health2010-11-17 18:55:35
Declawing: Another Veterinarian’s PerspectiveBy Special Guest: Michael W. Fox, D.Sc., Ph.D., B.Vet.Med., M.R.C.V.S. Say No! To De-clawing Cats Many veterinarians routinely de-claw young cats. It’s part of the package when they come in …2010/11/17Declawing2010-11-17 18:49:58
Declawing Handout for Shelters2024: THIS OFFER IS STILL VALID! To help shelters and rescues educate potential adopters about declawing, Little Big Cat has prepared this free handout, which can be customized with your …2010/11/17Declawing2010-11-17 15:07:23
Cats and Immune-compromised PeopleCats and Immune-Compromised People By Jean Hofve, DVM It’s not so unusual any more for people to have serious immune system issues. People who are taking corticosteroids or other immunosuppressive …2010/11/17Holistic Pet Health2010-11-17 14:33:08
Cats and Claws — Living Happily Ever AfterBy Jackson Galaxy and Jean Hofve, DVM Claws are a physically, socially, and emotionally vital part of every cat. Scratching, for a cat, is not only a natural act, but …2010/11/17Cat Behavior, Declawing2010-11-17 14:22:51
CatnipBy Jackson Galaxy Catnip has a powerful attraction for many cats. They will pounce on it, roll around in it, chew and eat it. Some cats will sit in a …2010/11/17Cat Behavior2010-11-17 13:59:38
Cat-to-Dog IntroductionsBy Jackson Galaxy There are some cornerstone thoughts to remember, when introducing dogs to cats in a new living arrangement, in order to avoid problems. These revolve around the rather …2010/11/17Cat Behavior2010-11-17 13:51:29
Cat-to-Cat IntroductionsUpdated 7/10/24 Cats are a lot like people. Some will form close bonds of friendship, while others just never seem to get along. Here’s how to maximize the chance of …2010/11/17Cat Behavior2010-11-17 13:47:59
BioSuperfood Case ReportsHere are a few of the cases where BioSuperfood has helped animals get healthy! For more information, see the BioSuperfood main page, or go right to the information on choosing …2010/11/17Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-17 13:39:51
BioSuperfood: Choosing the Right ProductBioSuperfood and BioPreparation formulas are powerful detoxifiers. Unless there is an immediate health crisis that requires a high dose, start with a very small amount (as much as fits on …2010/11/17Pet Food and Nutrition2010-11-17 13:37:31
Before You Get a Kitten…Kittens have a way of turning up when you least expect them! If a kitten has appeared in your life, or if you’re getting the urge to add a new …2010/11/17Cat Behavior, Holistic Pet Health2010-11-17 13:31:07
Base Camp — How to Prepare for your New CatBy Jackson Galaxy and Jean Hofve, DVM Congratulations on giving a homeless animal a new life in your home! You can bet on one thing; the cat you just adopted …2010/11/17Cat Behavior2010-11-17 13:27:42
Arthritis in CatsResearch has shown that 30% of cats over 8 years of age, and a stunning 90% of cats over 12 years of age, have arthritis. These figures should give the …2010/11/17Holistic Pet Health2010-11-17 13:22:56
Animals with Special NeedsBy Special Guest Columnist: Claudia Hehr* Animals are the most wonderful and precious friends we can ever have or wish for. But sometimes those wonderful friends have or can develop …2010/11/17Holistic Pet Health2010-11-17 13:19:17
Allergic to Cats?Between 5 and 10% of the human population has at least some sensitivity to cats. When people come into contact with a cat to which they are sensitive, they may …2010/11/17Holistic Pet Health2010-11-17 13:13:41
CatsWalk – November 2010by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 In this issue: 1. News Bites New Little Big Cat website is up and running November is Diabetes …2010/11/17CatsWalk Newsletter2010-11-17 13:07:21
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for PetsBy Russell Louie – Optimum Choices, LLC There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of aromatherapy with animals, especially smaller pets like cats, birds, and “pocket pets” …2010/11/17Holistic Pet Health2010-11-17 02:37:35
Skin & Coat Problems in CatsUPDATED 12/15/22 Is your cat going bald? There are many reasons why a cat might lose fur, but in a lot of cases, it’s because the cat is overgrooming: chewing …2010/11/17Holistic Pet Health2010-11-17 02:31:19
Kibble-Cancer Link ExplainedA panel at the recent 2010 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo criticized pet kibble and suggested that manufacturers consider the health implications of their products. …2010/08/10Holistic Pet Health2010-08-10 19:26:25
EFT in Practice: Surrogate EFT for two cats and a puppyBy Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master Article reprinted with permission from Gary Craig. Hi Everyone, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss from the UK helps us understand (1) how well EFT works for …2010/06/12Cat Behavior, EFT (Tapping)2010-06-12 06:43:20
Recycling 101 for PetsEven pets can get involved in the Green movement (but okay, they do need our help!) Aluminum (small) and steel (large) pet food cans are desirable for recycling. Yet recycling …2010/05/03Other Stuff2010-05-03 15:26:53
Junk food killing pets — in France!A recent article by Isabelle Toussaint (via Agence France-Presse) should come as no surprise to Americans, who are way ahead in junk pet food. She says, “The junk food and …2010/04/16Other Stuff2010-04-16 11:53:26
Lawn and Garden Dangers for PetsDon’t you love Spring, with its mild weather, green grass, and flowers everywhere? But it’s also time for a reminder that some of the things we associate with this season can …2010/04/15Holistic Pet Health2010-04-15 20:06:03
CatsWalk Newsletter – March 2010by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 March 2010 In this issue: 1. News Bites: Nature’s Variety recall expanded… Fatal Attraction: Cats and ADHD drug… …2010/03/17CatsWalk Newsletter2010-03-17 08:19:30
BioSuperfood for Super HealthBy Dr. Jean Hofve There are a zillion products out there that make marvelous claims about how they will improve your animal companion’s health. Many of these claims are exaggerated, …2010/01/17Holistic Pet Health, Holistic Pet Mall, Pet Food and Nutrition2010-01-17 13:43:52
CatsWalk Newsletter – January 2010by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 In this issue: 1. News Bites Animal advocacy groups help promote proper wellness care for cats… February is …2010/01/17CatsWalk Newsletter2010-01-17 08:57:02
CatsWalk Newsletter – December 2009by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 Volume 7, No. 10  — December 2009 Note to our readers: We are having some technical difficulties with …2009/12/01CatsWalk Newsletter2009-12-01 06:55:10
CatsWalk Newsletter – November 2009by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 Vol. 7, No. 9  —  November 2009 Please forgive the short newsletter and any formatting weirdness…we’re traveling and …2009/11/18CatsWalk Newsletter2009-11-18 07:04:21
CatsWalk Newsletter – October 2009by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 Volume 7, No. 8  –   October 2009 In this issue: 1. News Bites: * Premium Edge cat …2009/10/01CatsWalk Newsletter2009-10-01 07:10:34
CatsWalk Newsletter – September 2009by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 Volume 7, No. 7  – September 2009 In This Issue: 1. News Bites 2. Cats and Claws — …2009/09/01CatsWalk Newsletter2009-09-01 07:16:01
CatsWalk Newsletter – August 2009by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy Library of Congress ISSN #1550-0764 Volume 7, No. 6  — August 2009 In this issue: 1. News Bites California battles over declawing Pet …2009/08/01CatsWalk Newsletter2009-08-01 07:27:30
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