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Holistic Health Care

  • American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association – Find a holistic veterinarian near you
  • Dr. Christina Chambreau – One of the world’s top veterinary homeopaths will work with you to help your animal heal; be sure to browse the many wonderful articles and books at her website
  • A Kinship with Animals – Kate Solisti -Animal Communication,Dog and Cat Nutrition, Flower Essence Therapy, Holistic Healing,Intuitive Development
  • Ojibwa Tea of Life – Amazing herbal formulas for animals and people including Ojibwa Tea (Essiac), Ajebine (African botanical for respiratory issues) and Equinabine for horses, as well as essences and herbs for pets.

Cat Adoption

Cat Behavior and Training

  • Spirit Essences – Flower essences and vibrational remedies for your animal companion’s behavioral, emotional, and physical health
  • Jackson Galaxy – Cat Behaviorist and host of ANIMAL PLANET’s My Cat from Hell!
  • Katwallks – Wall-mounted system of ramps and balconies instantly multiplies “cat-usable” space and reduces territorial squabbles – highly recommended!
  • Indoor Cat Initiative – The Ohio State University’s excellent resource on what cats need to be safe, happy and well-adjusted
  • Purrfect Fence – A simple, easy-to-install fencing system that doesn’t require a pre-existing fence
  • Cozy Cat Furniture – Good quality cat trees, condos, gyms and other cat furniture
  • International Cat Agility Tournaments (club)
  • Pet Air Carrier – comprehensive help for your pet’s safe air travel
  • Good Cats Wear Black – Annie Bruce on behavior; teach your cat to stay in your yard
  • The Paw Project – Non-profit performs restorative surgery on big cats who have botched declaws and has a strong education and advocacy program.Click here for video.

Animal Welfare / Animal Rights

Pet Food, Supplies, and Supplement Information

Other Cat-Related and Fun Websites