Litter-Lifter: 21st Century Scooping

I can’t believe that, in 2014, I just discovered a major advance in litter scooping technology! But the Litter-Lifter® is exactly that. 

I should say that I have gone through a lot of scoopers in my life. I’ve tried everything: slotted spoons, garage sale and thrift store finds, standard-issue big box buys, and the most chic offerings from pet boutiques. And I’ve hated them all! They’re too flimsy, or too awkward, or too small, or the holes are the wrong size. Ack!

The Litter-Lifter is different. It is really well thought out. Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • It’s big. It’s hefty. It’s sturdy. It’s definitely going to outlast regular scoops.
  • The handle is comfortable to hold. 
  • It allows the unused litter to fall through the slots with little or no shaking of the scooper, exactly as advertised.
  • It lifts out large, spread-out clumps without breaking them. This is a real advantage for those of us who use alternative litters like corn or walnut shells–which definitely do not clump as well as clay, but have other advantages that persuade us to prefer them. 
  • It doesn’t have any of those annoying little spikes along the bottom that make retrieving anything from a carpet an exercise in contortion.
  • It’s allowing me to far more accurately monitor the output of my CKD cat–and that is a big, big deal. It will do the same for those small “warning” clumps of FLUTD, too.

While scooping boxes will never be a cat-lover’s most enjoyable activity, it certainly makes it more pleasant. If I were a cat-sitter, I would buy these for all my kitty clients–it would make MY job so much easier!

If you have only one small cat, maybe any old scooper will do; but for larger cats, multiple cats, cats with health issues, and most particularly, my four linebacker cats, I just cannot recommend this product highly enough!

Discounts are offered for large orders and shelter/rescue/foster organizations.

Visit and enter coupon code “Dr Jean” (no period, one space) to get your Little Big Cat readers’ discount–on every order!


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