Mars buys Iams, Eukanuba, and Natura

In a bid for world domination, the Martians…oops, I mean, Mars Petcare (the pet food arm of the candy giant)…is acquiring all of Procter & Gamble’s pet food brands for a mere $2.9 BILLION. It had been rumored for several months that P&G was in the market to sell; and now they got their wish. (Click here to read the press release.)

While under P&G’s auspices, Iams, Eukanuba, and Natura (Innova, Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma) at least made an effort to look like premium foods, even while the ingredients declined in quality to pad P&G’s profits. With Mars Petcare’s acquisition, that pretense will mean even less. For sure, Mars would not be buying unless it thought it could make a few billion boatloads of increased profit. 

Mars pet food brands include:

  • NUTRO®
  • SHEBA®
  • CESAR®

Mars also owns the Petsmart-associated veterinary chain, BANFIELD® Pet Hospital.

Other products:

  • Chocolate – M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, DOVE®, GALAXY®, MARS®, MILKY WAY® and TWIX®
  • Wrigley – DOUBLEMINT®, EXTRA®, ORBIT® and 5™ chewing gums, SKITTLES® and STARBURST® candies, and ALTOIDS® AND LIFESAVERS® mints.
  • Drinks – ALTERRA ® Coffee Roasterscoffee, THE BRIGHT TEA CO.® tea, DOVE®/GALAXY® Hot Chocolate, and FLAVIA® brewer; Symbioscience – COCOAVIA® and WISDOM PANEL®.

 If you’ve been a reader here for very long, most likely you aren’t buying any of these pet food brands, but your friends and family might not be wise to the marketing tricks such brands use to lure your dollars into their pockets (see Pet Food Marketing Hype).

And if you need some guidelines on how to choose the right foods for your pets, see:

Selecting a Good Commercial Pet Food and 10 Reasons Why Dry Food is Bad for Dogs and Cats.

 Thanks once again to Susan at for the heads-up!

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