An interesting article at cites animal communicator Patty Payne and the top five “shocking” things she’s heard from pets. I have no doubt about #3; two of my cats had a running feud and I’m sure they’ve said some pretty rude things to each other!

According to Ms. Payne:

1. Animals are holistic. Payne says our pets would rather not deal with the nausea associated with some medications. Instead, she says pets prefer natural remedies.

2. Animals don’t need to say ‘I Love You.’ According to Payne, animals say they wouldn’t stick around if they didn’t.

3. Animals pick on other animals. Payne says dogs and cats will say hateful things to one another to make them feel less secure in the house. This seems to happen more in homes with rescue animals.

4. Animals are insecure. Don’t strap that Chihuahua-sized top hat on your Dalmatian. He hates that, and has told Payne it’s because the other dogs will tease him.

5. Animals do have a sense of smelly. You may think stinky things smell good to animals, but Payne knows better. Animals have told her they would “rather stay home where it’s cool and familiar than to go with you where it’s too hot and there are too many bad smells.”