Rare Cats, Common Cats, and Declawing

There are some 38 feline species in the world, including the domestic cat. Many are rare, and some are so incredibly elusive they're almost never seen and little is known about them. This video highlights 10 of these exquisite, small wild cats: My mammalogy professor was fond of saying that if you "undress" any cat, the underlying animal is virtually identical across all sizes and species. Sure, there are a few functional adaptations here and there, like the non-retractable claws and large nose of the cheetah, but as the saying goes, "A cat's a ...

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Declawing and Science

This summary presents the main arguments against a legal ban on declawing (of cats and other animals), and the documented, scientific facts about each one—as opposed to the opinions expressed by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and various other individuals and organizations. Public opinion is subject to change; and the change is now moving in favor of more humane treatment of all animals. The veterinary profession is finally getting clued in, having added "animal welfare" to its Veterinarian's Oath late in 2010 (41 years after it was first written). The inertia ...

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AVMA’s New “Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership”

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) just published its new Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership (Journal of the AVMA, 2012 Jan 1;240(1):11-12), parting ways with the California VMA's Golden Rules of Pet Ownership that it had previously endorsed. It's interesting, and instructive, to compare the two. I've rearranged them so the most similar rules are side-by-side. In some cases, rules have either been combined or separated; and some do not seem to have a corresponding rule in the other set. CVMA AVMA The joy of pet ownership also brings responsibility. ...

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