Pet food violates federal law–with FDA blessing

The FDA recently released a video about pet food to reassure us that commercial pet food is just fine: (FDA video)... But this video is incredibly misleading, and (if you ask me) even downright patronizing. A brand new, hard-hitting video from our good friend Susan Thixton at TruthAboutPet totally--and accurately--refutes the FDA's claims: AAFCO shares a lot of responsibility for the abysmal state of pet food today. Unfortunately, the only outside input AAFCO normally gets is from the pet food industry (although Susan and I are now "advisors" to two ...

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Pet Food, People, and the FDA

By Jean Hofve, DVM Pet food labels are plenty obscure, but labels on human food are just as bad. As you get better at assessing pet food, you'll also want to check out a few labels at the grocery store, too. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, in Food Labels May Be Inaccurate Despite FDA Inspections, "It's unfortunate that food labels, which are ideally designed to help you make educated purchasing decisions, have deteriorated over time into little more than deceptive advertising. There are a large variety of ways for food ...

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