What you don’t know about food can hurt you!

Check out this stunning TED talk on food safety in the U.S. The speaker, Robyn O'Brien, told the story of how one of her children developed a food allergy, and that experience started her on a path of researching the human food chain and its many links to illness. It's dated (2011) but nothing has improved; in fact, it's gotten far worse over time. For example, nearly all corn and soy in the U.S. are now genetically engineered (GMO). The video is about 18 minutes but it's definitely worth the small ...

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Does Dry Food Clean the Teeth?

By Jean Hofve, DVM Let's get this one straight once and for all: dry food does not clean your cat's teeth! In fact, dry food really does not benefit the cat at all. It is merely a convenience for the guardian. If you haven't already read Why Cats Need Canned Food and 10 Reasons Why Dry Food is Bad for Dogs and Cats, start there in your quest for accurate, up-to-date information on feeding cats. Most cats don't consistently chew dry food; they swallow it whole. Obviously, without contacting the teeth, ...

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