Pets are good for us!

Another day, another study on the benefits of companion animals. This one was reported in the Washington Post (a rarity these days, when most of the news coming out of Washington is not so great!).  A team of psychologists from Miami University and St. Louis University surveyed ordinary pet guardians to find out just what kinds of social and psychologic benefits pets bring. Since other work has shown that pets are beneficial to people with serious health challenges, the team wanted to know if pets were as good for ordinary ...

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People without Pets

There was a great article in the Huffington Post this week about people who choose not to have pets. The writer, Joan Liebmann, wondered if and how people without pets differ from those who do. Her research turned up some very interesting information! For one thing, there are way more people with pets than without: a recent survey found that 62% of homes have pets (the data actually comes, not from the AVMA, but from the American Pet Products Association, who conducts an annual survey) It also turns out that ...

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Animal lovers choose pets over money and politics

A survey of 1500 pet guardians conducted by PetMD found that 90% of pet "owners" would choose their animal companions over money in a divorce, and 56% would not vote for a presidential candidate who was perceived not to like pets. They would also buy products from a company that supports an animal-related charity rather than one that doesn't, given similar product quality and price. Most wouldn't date a non-animal-lover. On the down side, about 12% of pet lovers worry about veterinary expenses, and 25% worry that their pet will ...

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