How to Care for Your New Kitten

Kittens, like all animal babies, need special care. It is important to provide lots of love and, as well as more practical items like toys, a litter box, and an adequate scratching pad or post. Be sure to kitten-proof your house, removing small or delicate items to prevent damage by curious little paws and teeth. Kittens are great climbers, so think vertically!

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Before You Get a Kitten…

Photo: Pieter Lanser Kittens have a way of turning up when you least expect them! If a kitten has appeared in your life, or if you’re getting the urge to add a new feline family member (not forgetting that there are millions of wonderful, healthy adult cats waiting for a home like yours!), you'll definitely want to consider these important issues: Cost Sure, a kitten may be "free" in terms of spending money to acquire it, but many people don't understand the real money costs associated with a new ...

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Base Camp — How to Prepare for your New Cat

By Jackson Galaxy and Jean Hofve, DVM Congratulations on giving a homeless animal a new life in your home! You can bet on one thing; the cat you just adopted is in the midst of having her world turned upside down. Routine is a vital aspect of cat life; it's key in how cats define territory. Things must look the same, smell the same, and so on in order for confidence in the territory to remain high. Now imagine the life your new companion was leading before he came to ...

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