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is an information-packed, lavishly illustrated e-book (PDF) by nutritionist Dr. Celeste Yarnall and Little Big Cat’s own Dr. Jean Hofve. It won the prestigious Muse Medallion award for Best Book, as well as a Certificate of Excellence, from the Cat Writers’ Association in 2011.

The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated Handbook ($9.99) Add to Cart

What Readers Say

This book by Dr. Hofve and Dr. Yarnall is fabulous! It is absolutely perfect for those new to holistic cat care and for those who have been exploring it for some time. There are countless detailed charts that serve as perfect references and guides for the newbie and professional alike. Hofve and Yarnall cover everything from cat safe cleaning products, emergency first aid, treating cancer, aging gracefully, and even chakras, auras, and cat astrology! They even take on the often confusing topics of the raw food diet and also the vaccination debate! But what I especially love about this book is their hands-on friendly approach to homeopathy, flower essences, and therapeutic touch. I’ve found these modalities to be crucial components to my pets’ health, and this book really makes it less overwhelming and intimidating. This book is beautiful and harmonious in its contents and approach and truly is essential for every cat guardian!

This book was written from education, experience, first-hand investigations and integrity.

This is a well writen informational book that is a must have for all cat owners. Great illustrations and photography, with interesting articles related to natural and holistic how to care for our beloved felines! Worth every penny!

This book is a comprehensive resource for the cat parent interested in natural alternatives for feline health. It covers topics such as nutrition, natural remedies, and hands-on healing in an easy to understand way without being light on the factual information. The book places particular emphasis on nutrition as preventive medicine.

In addition to being chock full of well-researched and well-presented information on holistic cat care, the book is beautifully laid out and illustrated with stunning cat photographs. This guide is a valuable resource for every cat owner interested in holistic health and a beautiful addition to your cat care library.

Fresh, informative about caring for your feline friends naturally. Lots of sound advice and reads like a novel. Great reference book as well!

Love! Love! Love! What a beautiful, well written book on caring for your feline friends. I have been following Dr. Yarnall and her guidelines ever since I read her first book on cat care, and I am so happy that this new book is now available. My cats are absolutely beautiful and healthy ever since I began following her easy to follow suggestions for supplementation and diet. My 16 year old cat looks so good for his age, still playing like a kitten with his 6 year old younger counterpart. You can barely tell them apart. Their coats are silky and smooth and I can’t remember the last time they needed a visit to the vet. The book is a pleasure to read with beautiful captivating pictures of all types of cats and a wealth of invaluable information for all animal owners and lovers. This new book packs in so much information in a very readable format that is extremely easy to reference. I wouldn’t dream of owning a cat without reading this book first.

This book is absolutely great. It discusses the importance of raw foods and diet in general, herbs, natural remedies, hands-on healing and a range of healing and anti aging modalities. What is most impressive about this book is the extent to which the authors draw on approaches and therapies used on humans and translate them to be effective for cats.

… it is handsomely produced with wonderful glossy color photos of all different types of cats. More importantly it is super informative and is laid out sensibly so you can jump around from topic to topic easily. Though it rightfully touts a holistic health regimen for your cat, it also gives you helpful alternate measures to take if you cannot follow the regimen completely. It is chock full of information in all areas of cat care but especially with nutrition and vitamins. As an owner of two new kittens born in April, we went from a one paw out of 5 rating in regards to the food we were giving them to 3 paws immediately after reading the chapter. This book is highly recommended for lovers of cats of all ages.

At last, a book written by someone who has put these principles into use over 11 generations. That is true experience. It covers every aspect of holistic cat care and for the first time ever, anti aging principles to help keep our cats healthy into the elder years. If you love your cat you must read this book…and buy a copy for your vet too!

This book is not only a great introduction to great natural cat care for newbies, but also for those of us who have been raising our cats naturally and holistically for a long period of time. In it, one finds new research added since Celeste’s former book Natural Cat Care was published but it is in a very easy to read and find format. In addition, the book is filled with photos and colour which makes this book very pleasing to the eye. The book gives all the information to make a great raw diet for your cat and not only does the book have the research, Celeste has years of experience behind her facts, having raised many generations of cats on the raw diet she advocates. The book also gives natural holistic alternatives for treatment of cats that have a variety of conditions. Any topic is a quick and easy find with a clear and organized layout.
I bought this book in order to learn more about providing [my five cats] with the best, healthiest lives possible. This book contains a wealth of information on the proper diet, acupuncture, the non-nessessity of annual vaccinations (very bad for your cat!) and more. Even though I have had cats for over 30 years, I am finally learning from my new “Holistic Cat Care” book, sooooo many things that I had no idea about! If you are looking for a truly wonderful book on cat care…you cannot go wrong in buying this one!

I was very pleased with its beautiful yet simple look! This text is full of information which updates history on our beloved pets to the useful tools of today. The layout of the subject matter is easy to follow and the text is very easy on the reader’s eye! The diagrams and photographs are wonderful and extremely informative. Food menus and herbal treatments are easy to follow and the items can easily be obtained. Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D and Jean Hofve, D.V.M. have provided the cat lovers of the world with a truly useful must-have book to ensure a healthy and long lived animal member of the family!

The book offers a list of resources from cat litter to supplements and whole food products to nontoxic cleaning and pest control products. It also offers an important perspective on vaccines and how often they’re really necessary.
I read this book front to back two times. It is so well written and informative. I learned so much from this book. I changed many of my ways based on the information given in this book. Years later and every once and a while I still pull this book out because I remembered something or to use it as a reference.

The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated Handbook ($9.99) Add to Cart

To order the book as an instantly downloadable electronic (PDF) file, just click on the “Add to Cart” button above. To order it in paperback from, The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated Handbook.

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