Here are a few of the cases where BioSuperfood has helped animals get healthy! For more information, see the BioSuperfood main page, or go right to the information on choosing the right product.

Cassandra, 10 year old female Dachsund
This dog developed a malignant tumor in her sinus cavity. Started on BSF2 in September, 2003m, mixed with her homemade diet. Aggressive radiation treatment began in October at Colorado State University. She stayed on BSF2 and her usual diet during treatment. The side effects of radiation were so minimal, the clinicians were amazed. Normally, radiation of the muzzle causes severe inflammation of the mucus membranes of the nose and mouth, resulting in pain and poor appetite. This dog’s attitude and appetite remained positive and strong throughout the three week treatment. Chemotherapy followed radiation. She started BSF3 immediately following the last chemo treatment, and has remained completely clear of cancer.

Tommy and Teddy, 2 year old cats
These brothers were originally feral. After two months on BSF2 they became more friendly, and less shy and jumpy. One brother, who had been clumsy, became more coordinated.

Sizzle, 9 year old female Australian Shepherd
This active agility dog with joint and back challenges started on BSF2 in January. Her appetite increased, and she experienced better assimilation of nutrients. There was an overall improvement in her energy balance, and obviously fewer aches and pains.

Serena, 6 year old female Rottweiler-lab mix
This girl was overweight and arthritic. After one month on BSF2 she has improved muscle tone, less limping, better balance, and increased energy.

Cole, 2 year old male cat
Digestive issues with chronic vomiting. Loves the BSF. Over time he vomited less and less, is now able to eat raw food, and has become enthusiastic about eating.

Missy, 6 year old female lab
This dog had a tumor removed in late November, and started on BSF3 in early December. There has been no recurrence of tumors. Her coat, energy, and appetite all excellent.

Zazu, 7 year old male cat
This feline asthma patient began conventional treatment (steroid injections) when he was diagnosed in mid-2003, and needed repeat injections every 6 weeks “like clockwork”. Started on canned food and BSF in September. Received one steroid injection in November, then went 10 weeks (a 40% improvement!) before another injection was needed. Is currently 8-1/2 weeks out from the last injection and symptom free. Zazu has also effortlessly slimmed down from 15.5 pounds to 12 without “diet” food.

Little Big Cat is proud to recommend BSFand BP to our furry (and non-furry) friends.  There are several formulas and we want to make sure your pet is getting the formula best suited to his or her circumstances, at the correct dosage. Click here to get started.

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