By Dr. Jean Hofve

There are a zillion products out there that make marvelous claims about how they will improve your animal companion’s health. Many of these claims are exaggerated, and sometimes so fantastic that they seem too good to be true–and usually, they are!

However, several years ago we discovered a product that does everything it claims–and much more. In all these years of looking, we have never found any other product that works quite as well, or that is as palatable to even the fussiest cats and dogs–an important feature!

The product is called “BioSuperfood.” It is a combination of microalgae that contains a full spectrum of highly bioavailable, concentrated nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants (including chlorophyll and phycocyanin), and enzymes. This blend of algae contain 30 times more nutrition per ounce than anything we or our animals can consume in our diet. While the “potency” of the nutrients is low compared to most vitamin supplements, their maximal bioavailability make them far more powerful than they would be in another form.

BioSuperfood was developed by Dr. Michael Kiriac, a Russian doctor with a Biology degree in Cellular Nutrition and a PhD in Biotechnology. After years of research with all kinds of isolated vitamins and supplements, as well as chlorella, Spirulina and other algae, he discovered a Bio-Algae Concentrate blend of 4 species of microalgae that stopped the ongoing epidemic of cancer in controlled trials with chickens, mink, pigs and cows. The Bio-Algae concentrate named “BioSuperfood” (BSF) is the culmination of intensive work by pioneers in biotechnology, hundreds of clinical researches, tests and practical applications over the past 30 years. It contains a synergistic combination of those 4 unique species of blue-green algae.

What makes BioSuperfood (and the pet formulation BioPreparation, BP), different from other popular algae products, like spirulina or chlorella? The 4 species in BSF/BP have polysaccharide cell walls, while most other algae have indigestible cellulose cell walls. BSF/BP are much more easily digested and absorbed. Their high bioavailability makes them particularly valuable for animals with digestive problems. BSF and BP are also highly palatable, and even fussy cats will eat without complaint when either is mixed with their wet food (canned or homemade).

NOTE: If your cat eats dry food, please read this article right now; come back to this article afterward! Your cat’s life depends on it! No supplement will make up for the dehydrating effects of a dry diet, and we cannot recommend BioSuperfood or BioPreparation for cats who are being fed dry food!

Just some of the benefits that have been seen with BSF and BP in animals and humans include:

  • Improved digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • Increased appetite and interest in eating new foods
  • Weight loss
  • Supple, healthy skin and glossy fur
  • Relief of arthritis pain, asthma, IBD, and other inflammatory conditions
  • Increased mobility in older animals
  • Increased stamina and overall energy
  • Sounder sleep
  • Shorter recovery time after surgery
  • Quicker healing
  • Fewer and briefer colds and infections
  • More balanced emotions (leading to improved behavior)
  • Balanced growth and development
  • Enhanced blood cell development
  • Cancers and tumors prevented and reduced

What’s even more interesting about BioSuperfood and BioPreparation is their ability to create synergism with food and even medications. Digestion and absorption are greatly enhanced, meaning that your pet will get more nutrition from food. The amount of medications your pet may be taking, including herbs, can often be reduced. (Be sure you work with your veterinarian to adjust dosages as your pet’s system gets healthier!)

In most cases, other nutritional supplements are not necessary and can be discontinued. BSF/BP plus pure water and a good diet will provide all the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs!

Case Report: Simeon, 2 year old male cat
“Simeon stopped producing red blood cells, but tested negative for leukemia. The cause of this life-threatening problem was his weak intestinal cells, which could no longer absorb nutrients and release wastes. When he eats BioSuperfood daily, normal cell function returns. The BioSuperfood feeds the weak cells and supports their healthy function. As a result, Simeon efficiently digests and absorbs nutrients from his food and can build rich and vibrant blood!”

Case Report: Murphy, 15 year old male cat
“I thought I may have trouble introducing something new to Murphy! Anything new, he hates! So I’ve been mixing the BioSuperfood with a small amount of canned salmon, and he is eating it very well! I was amazed! I thought for sure he’d turn up his nose but that is not the case. I have told him that it’s good stuff and will help him feel big and strong! So maybe that is helping him too! I’ve noticed he seems more self assured, especially when he’s on the couch with me in the evenings!” (Murphy’s mom also reports that he’s getting along better with Molly the dog.)

Case Report: Sable, 5 year old female retriever
“Sable is glowing on the outside: shiny coat, sweet breath (she’d had foul breath even though her teeth were kept clean). She’s improved in her attitude and involvement around the house and yard, more playful! She rarely slows down on her leash-walks any more, and no trouble with stairs! I think the BSF may have helped her turn the corner.”

Little Big Cat is proud to recommend BSFand BP to our furry (and non-furry) friends.  There are several formulas and we want to make sure your pet is getting the formula best suited to his or her circumstances, at the correct dosage. Click here to get started.

Please note: Little Big Cat does not sell BioSuperfood or BioPreparation! If you have further questions, or if you would like to order any of these products, please contact