The following article was written during the declaw ban movement in California. Other animal communicators and intuitives have reported the same thing.

Pet Psychic Talks to Declawed Cats: Some Find Painful Toe Amputation Hard to Forgive

Honestly, declawing is hard for me to forgive, too! I just don’t get why U.S. (and Canadian) veterinarians continue to work so hard to ignore the pain and suffering they are causing to hundreds of thousands of cats every year.

But there is hope on the horizon. The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association recently reported on a talk by Wesley V. Jamison, PhD, who warned that, in a conflict between science and morality, morality wins. Although Dr. Jamison was referring to farm animals, the same argument could be applied to the declawing debate. Indeed, in the declaw ban debates, the issue of morality (specifically, animal cruelty) persuaded eight municipalities to pass ordinances to ban the procedure. Once local legislators understood what declawing really is, they clearly saw that it constitutes cruelty.

We will eventually win this debate. It’s inevitable. It may require letting the current generation of vets who see nothing wrong with declawing to die off, for a new and more compassionate generation to become the majority…but we will win! We will never give up, and we will never shut up!!

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