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Cats Aren’t Loners

For millennia, cats have been considered “loners” and “aloof.” But it’s absolutely not true. Recent research shows that cats can be just as affectionate and social as dogs; they just have different ways of showing it. One human behavior often… Read more →

Holiday Safety for Cats and Dogs

The holidays can be a stressful and even dangerous time for our cats. Normal routines are upset, visitors come and go, and overly tempting smells may be coming from the kitchen! The Christmas tree is the first item of great… Read more →


There have been a few myths about the desert plant Yucca schidigera making the internet rounds lately. In particular, some are suggesting that yucca is not safe as a daily supplement, even though it’s present in many pet foods. So… Read more →

Please Don’t Give Pets as Gifts

It’s a wonderful thing to give, and we all have good intentions when shopping for truly special gifts for our loved ones. You may have visions of one you love opening a beautiful box with an adorable kitten inside, or… Read more →

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

Changing diets at least every 3-4 months, to a food with different protein and carbohydrate sources, may prevent your cat from becoming allergic or intolerant to a food in the first place. Read more →