by Maureen Cram, Stuffbusters

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Maureen Cram from South Africa completely shifts the life of a stray cat by using surrogate EFT. Of interest here is how she “tunes in” to the cat. Many people (perhaps everyone) can do this. We can also tune in to each other and this ability brings with it superb healing potential.

By Maureen Cram

Hi Gary,

I wanted to tell you about my use of EFT with animals here in South Africa.  My husband and I have five cats living with us, all from shelters and adopted.  We moved to a new townhouse complex some months back and found to our delight that there were cats living in most of the houses.  I think there were two dogs living next door who were the only dogs around!

We found a stray cat that used to terrify our cats and seemingly everyone else’s cats here … attacking them, coming in for food, and spraying all over the place.  Being cat lovers, my immediate neighbours did not want to get rid of Splodge as I named him (due to his being a white cat with splodges of black all over.)  But were prepared to club together to get him neutered and fixed up in general.

The problem was that there was no way to catch him.  He would descend on a garden with fur flying and then disappear.  Everyone shouting and chasing him did not help I am sure!  Anyway, I decided to see if EFT could help him.  I had used EFT on several of my cats with physical ailments, swollen paws, and also fear of thunder with great success.  I have also used EFT on other animals both face to face and surrogately with great success.

I tuned into Splodge and what I found was that he was desperate for a home.  He was jealous of the other cats as they had beds to sleep on and unlimited food.  He said he didn’t want to attack them but he couldn’t help himself and he hated himself for his behaviour.

We did some more surrogate EFT on him and it was very emotional … I cried lots of tears on his behalf.  He eventually realised through the EFT that if he wanted any shot at a home he would have to stop this behaviour, and he would have to learn to trust at least one person.

He agreed to give it a try.  I also started to put food out for him and slowly would approach him if I saw him sleeping in a bush.  After a few days of doing this, he would let me approach him.  Then I did some more EFT on him and he agreed to try a bit harder to trust.  He said his resolution for 2007 was to get himself a loving home.  He is focused on that.

He then allowed me to touch him, feed him, and brush him.  Virtually overnight from then on he became the most friendly trusting affectionate cat you could ever wish to meet!

People in the complex would stop me and say what a great cat … where did he come from?  Other people would stop and pet him and he loved every minute of it.  Last week we got him fixed.  No problem to put him in the cat cage … he just sat in the cage in the car while we took him to the vet.  The vet said he was a ‘sweetheart’ of a cat and gave us a discount on the operation!

We are now looking for a great home for Splodge as I simply cannot add another cat to our household.  EFT definitely came through for Splodge!


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