by Michelle LaPrise

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So…here’s my latest tapping miracle. My kit-kat Junior is 11 and has a problem common among male cats whereby his little plumbing gets blocked every so often and he can’t pee. This is either stress- or food-induced, and flares up about once a year or so, requiring an expensive trip to the vet. All day Friday I noticed he would go in the litterbox and sit and wait and nothing would come out — a sure sign the plumbing is blocked again. He was clearly in stress and pain. I adopted a wait-and-see attitude and went out for the night. When I returned home he was back in his litterbox, furtively trying to make good use of it. No go. His condition had worsened..he was sluggish, bloated and in pain. (and now we were talking a $500 trip to the emergency vet hospital since it was after hours).

I put Junior on a piece of carpet in the garage and did a round of surrogate tapping (“Even though I can’t pee….”)After one round, Junior stood up and walked off the carpet, leaving a huge puddle of you-know-what behind him. I was blown away. I kept close watch on him during the night and he is completely fine and back to normal. Whew! You saved me $500 and a lotta stress about my cherished kitty’s health. How can I ever thank you (Junior sends his regards too – and was wondering if a dead mouse would be a fitting gesture of his appreciation to you).

The writer is almost correct: urinary (bladder) problems in cats are typically due to both stress and (incorrect) food!

She is completely wrong about her “wait-and-see” attitude. If a male cat is trying to urinate but not producing any urine, it is ALREADY an emergency!

EFT is amazing, but it is not a substitute for appropriate veterinary care. It is definitely something to do alongside medical treatment.

To prevent urinary blockages, please get your cat entirely off of dry food. Click here for more information on feline urinary tract issues.

Click here to learn Animal EFT.

Click here to learn how to apply EFT in your own life to resolve stuck patterns, old beliefs, and self-imposed limitations! 

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