The flea/tick preventative Promeris Duo for dogs and cats has been proven to cause Pemphigus foliaceus, an autoimmune disease. The reaction is “rare but serious,” according to the study’s lead author, Thierry Olivry, DrVet, PhD, Dipl. ACVD, of North Carolina State University.

The product, ProMeris Duo (Metaflumizone–amitraz ), which is also used for treating demodicosis (Demodex mites), will be discontinued. The topical drug, marketed by Pfizer Animal Health (previously manufactured by Fort Dodge, which was acquired by Pfizer), will be available while supplies last or until mid-September.

The authors caution that even after initial lesions are treated, “they could recur at a later time without reapplying ProMeris Duo.”

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