In my first job out of veterinary school, I quickly learned how to use high-quality, whole-food nutritional supplements to help my patients. The company we used was Standard Process. (Read more about them here.) They started out with supplements for humans, but so many veterinarians used them they also developed a line for pets. Their products are absolutely amazing, and I have had incredible results with them. Thirty years later, I still use Standard Process for myself, my pets, and my friends’ pets. But somehow, that’s not fully satisfying.

Though I’ve been retired from practice for many years, I’ve decided I still want to be able to help animals more than just through writing and teaching. I think it’s a shame that more people don’t have access to these great products, which are sold only through licensed health professionals like veterinarians, doctors, and chiropractors.

So, I’m now offering limited, no-cost consultations for improving your pet’s health with nutritional support through Standard Process Patient Direct.

To get started, all you have to do is download the survey, fill it out, and email it back.

SP Cat Survey

SP Dog Survey

Once you download the survey, fill it out by rating your cat’s body systems and the particular problems they have been or may be experiencing. Then save it (to preserve your input) and send it back to me. I will review it and make suggestions for the best supplement(s) for your cat. If you look at Standard Process’s vast catalog, it may be seem like about 87 supplements could be helpful, but I will limit my recommendation to the very best for the situation. I know only too well that it’s hard to give anything to cats, so perhaps only one or two products will be the right ones (though I’ll give you as many options as I can).

Fortunately, Standard Process supplements are mostly in the form of pressed tablets that are easy to break up and mash into wet food, or in capsules or powders. They don’t taste bad. In fact I’ve had cats and dogs who ate them as treats!

With my suggestions, I’ll also include the code you can use to register for a Patient Direct account. Then you just order products directly from Standard Process, and they’ll be shipped straight to your door!