If you haven’t seen this amazing movie (featuring our own Dr. Jean!)…

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“The Paw Project is an eye-opening film that will be of interest to millions of cat owners… ” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Robustly persuasive, with Conrad compellingly framing her crusade as a battle between a right-thinking vet and a deep-pocketed industry group that purportedly represents her.”  – The Los Angeles Times

“Eye-opening…charming” – The Village Voice

“A heartfelt documentary….Certainly will make any cat owner, and perhaps some fellow veterinarians, think twice about declawing.” – The New York Times

“The Paw Project proves that film has the power to effect social change-to right wrongs even when our elected representatives fail to do so.” – Scott Tallal, Executive Director, Malibu Film Society

“This film is an inspiring emotional ride that should be seen by every animal lover and anyone who has ever been aware of a wrong and wanted to right it.” – Mark Thompson, Fox Television, Current TV, KFI Radio

“Skillfully weaves arguments and images…gives the political drama a cinematic flow.” – LA Weekly

“A love letter to cats” – Cinema Beach

“The Paw Project doesn’t have gruesome, bloody imagery or try to horrify you or guilt trip you. It explains how declawing actually works, why many people are against it, and leaves you empowered knowing you can do something about it.” – Danica Davidson, MTV


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