Food Allergies in Cats

Cats often develop "food intolerances" or "food allergies" to ingredients found in commercial cat food. Currently, the most common allergies in cats are: chicken, dairy, fish, beef, lamb, and eggs. However, an allergy can develop to any protein to which the cat is repeatedly or constantly exposed. The symptoms of food allergy are typically skin-related and/or digestion-related. Skin symptoms include rashes (particularly around the face and ears), excessive licking (typically paws, legs or tummy), and red, itchy ears. Digestive symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. These are similar to the symptoms ...

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Itch Relief Update

Dr. Patty Khuly's blog this morning was terrific! She has personally been dealing with a very itchy skin eruption, probably what most of us would call hives or "heat rash." I am totally sympathetic...last summer I developed a series of severe itchy rashes, I think from some bug or other that apparently lives in my lawn. O Misery, thy name is Itch! Her pruritis (med-speak for itch) not only drove her crazy, but also drove her to look into the problem more deeply. After all, skin problems are one of ...

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