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Only Natural Pet Store is the largest online retailer of natural pet foods and products. Dr. Jean has been working with Only Natural Pet for several years; in fact, many of her articles can be found in their Holistic Healthcare Library. ONP sells most of Dr. Jean's "Approved Brands" of cat food (listed in her eBook, "What Cats Should Eat") including frozen raw products; as well as recommended supplements; toys like "Da Bird"; and an immense array of other handy and helpful cat (and dog) care products. Enter coupon code DRJEAN20 ...

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Antioxidants are natural compounds that are important in the neutralization or scavenging of “oxygen free radicals,” which are normal by-products of body metabolism. Controlled amounts of free radicals are normally made by the body as weapons against viruses and bacteria, and are used in hormone production and numerous cellular reactions. However, excess free radicals can damage cellular DNA, destroy cell membranes, and lead to chronic inflammation, degenerative diseases, immune system damage, and even cancer. Excessive amounts of free radicals can result from exposure to radiation, including sunlight, environmental pollution, and ...

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