Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.44.18 PMThe most important supplement I recommend for cats is Omega-3 fatty acids. They have deep and profound effects on every cell, organ, and tissue in your cat’s body.

Omega-3s are needed by every cell membrane, and they also have major anti-inflammatory effects. Helping your cat’s immune system keep inflammation in check is absolutely crucial to good health.

I recommend MOXXOR green-lipped mussel oil as a truly superior Omega-3 supplement. The capsules are tiny and easy to give your cat, and the pure oil and antioxidants are the most concentrated, powerful form I’ve found.
Previously, the price of MOXXOR stopped a lot of people from trying it. No doubt, quality costs money!

But now you can get a 30-capsule bottle of MOXXOR at half the price of their regular product! Cats don’t need high doses, so giving a capsule every 2 or even every 3 days will still have a big positive effect, so your supply will last even longer.

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