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The Darker Side of Pet Vaccination: A Video to Save Lives

My sweet Maltese Jiggy died in August. His last moments are pictured here.

His descent into lifelong illness started 11 years ago with rabies vaccination and puppy shots gone wrong. Vaccine-induced autoimmune liver disease — yes, this is a well-known reaction – eventually spawned two unrelated kinds of cancer: liver then bladder. (See my upcoming newsletter to learn more about all his treatments and how they worked.)

Jiggy’s illness drove me to devote what is now almost eight years researching over-vaccination and trying to warn others.  It drove me to write a national award winning book and to put up four websites. Now I’ve made another video on the subject.

So many of you out there still believe vaccine reactions are rare.  You believe you have no alternative; you have to vaccinate your pet again and again throughout his or her life to protect against fatal illnesses and/or comply with abitrary rules.  Some of you write me that your pets have been vaccinated and revaccinated for years and are doing just fine.  Yes, your dog or cat has allergies, skin problems, constant earaches, cancer, itchiness or seizures, but that has nothing to do with vaccines.

Doesn’t it?

Vaccines seem safe. If you don’t realize that your pet’s autoimmune disease or allergies developed several months after that DHLPP shot or that (unnecessary and ineffective) Bordetella vaccine your vet or groomer insisted your pet get, you don’t see the cause and effect.  Even your vet denies the connection.  (Read Why Vets Don’t Recognize Vaccine Reactions to learn why.)

I recently posted a three-minute video on vaccine reactions.  It got thousands of views in just a few days. 98% “like” it. (I suspect the other 2% run probably run vaccine clinics!) We’ve had comments like “powerful,” “awesome,” and “moving.”

Please, watch it now. If it hits home, if it moves you or scares you, if you want to keep harm from happening to your dog or cat, or your mom’s or sister’s or friend’s dog or cat, please share it, Facebook it, Tweet it, embed it on your own site.  Then do it again every few days. (Here’s the YouTube link: It costs nothing to watch and could save you a fortune in vet bills. (Jiggy’s illness ultimately cost us more than $30,000.) Three minutes, folks! It took me six weeks to make. It’s that important.

If you’re on my Truth4Dogs site, watch the video below, or watch it and read our companion article at our new not-for-profit all-vaccination website –  Vaccine Reactions: Underreported and Unrecognized, Not Unimportant.  Learn what world-class experts say about vaccine reactions. Watch other videos from well-known experts. Read reports and articles and study abstracts. Become the expert your pet needs you to be.

Please take three minutes out of your life to watch it.  Then take another minute to spread the word. Don’t wait till your dog or cat has a life-threatening reaction.  By then, damage may have been done you won’t be able to undo.

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If you’ve read the Little Big Cat article on Vaccination, you know that over-vaccination can be life-threatening. Yet most veterinarians do not provide complete information on the risks and benefits of each vaccine they recommend. Never allow your pet to be vaccinated with out a written Informed Consent in which your vet explains, for every vaccination she recommends:

  • What is the disease risk in your area, and (specifically) what factor(s) puts your pet at risk?
  • How well does the vaccine work and what is its duration of action?
  • Why does your pet need the vaccine?
  • What are the reported adverse effects of the vaccine?