EFT in Practice: Relief for a cat with a urinary blockage

by Michelle LaPrise Article reprinted with permission from www.emofree.com. So...here's my latest tapping miracle. My kit-kat Junior is 11 and has a problem common among male cats whereby his little plumbing gets blocked every so often and he can't pee. This is either stress- or food-induced, and flares up about once a year or so, requiring an expensive trip to the vet. All day Friday I noticed he would go in the litterbox and sit and wait and nothing would come out -- a sure sign the plumbing is blocked ...

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Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats

Updated 12/29/22. Few conditions strike greater fear into the heart of a cat guardian than urinary tract problems. Myths and misinformation abound, and many people know at least one other person who has a cat with a urinary problem--or who has lost a cat because of it. Urinary bladder issues in cats come in several varieties. In general, these are idiopathic cystitis (bladder inflammation of unknown cause), which describes about 80% of cases; cystitis with crystals; and cystitis with bladder stones. All of them together affect less than 3% of cats, but that ...

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